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Why We Exist

Colorado Springs REALTOR® inspires spirited Coloradans to passionately Live out their boldest Dreams.

Our Mission

Colorado Springs REALTORS® assisting you to move into a new phase of life.

Our Promise

Colorado Springs REALTORS® providing the expert advice, best-in-class service, and honest communication you truly need when making a move.

Homes for sale in Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs REALTOR® shares the best homes for sale in Colorado Springs, Colorado for you!

Pine Creek Corner Lot with Pikes Peak View from Back Deck

3413 Verbena Cir, Colorado Springs, CO 80920 $619,000 Pine Creek two story on corner lot…

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2.56 Acres with Pikes Peak View on Cul de Sac

7885 Rannoch Moor Way Colorado Springs, CO 80908 $310,000 Incredible 2.56 acre custom home site…

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Riverbend Crossing

0 Southmoor Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80911 $415,000 per home 209 home new construction subdivision

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Pueblo West New Construction Apartment

669, 671, and 673 E Clarion Drive Pueblo West, Colorado 81007 $4,400,000 New Construction 18…

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I recently sold a house with Lauren Collier as my realtor. It was actually my third time working with her, so I’m a repeat customer. The first time I sold a home with her, I wasn’t even in the state. She kept in constant communication, reassuring me that the process was going okay, which I appreciated. She has spot-on customer service. She listens to me as the customer and what I’m looking for; my needs and requirements. She’s accommodating and receptive. And direct and clear, which I like. I’m actually going to be contacting her again soon because I’m ready to buy my next house.

Merl M., 2023

As well as being a wonderful person, Lauren is a total professional. She advised us throughout the process and kept us from making poor decisions. Lauren is confident and knowledgeable in all her dealings with the sellers and helped us find a great home making our experience as smooth as buying a home can be.

Virginia Thompson, 2023

Lauren had stamina. We started talking to her about buying a new house around five years before we finally did so — just asking initial questions, looking to see what was possible with our income, eventually checking out some places, but waiting for the time that was right for us. She never put any pressure on us and was so patient and understanding. That was amazing. When we were finally ready — because we have two kids and we became maxed out on space and needed a yard and basement desperately — we were looking to buy the new house and sell our existing home very quickly afterwards. We didn’t end up in a contingency, but it was similar. So our situation was complicated. Another dynamic at play was the market was turning significantly, going from a seller’s to a buyer’s market quickly. Lauren was great in helping us navigate what that all looked like, giving us a good understanding, and reassuring us that it was possible, that we weren’t crazy for going that route. She hired a really quality photographer, who took photos of each room from every angle, used a drone, made a video. They didn’t skimp on anything and went above and beyond for what technically was a manufactured house, a simple 3-bed, 2-bath, lower-priced house. She overcame the challenges. And we learned a lot about the importance of staging a home through Lauren, to a degree I had never heard before from any other realtors. Lauren’s advice really helped us stage the house well. So with the photographer and great listing on top of that, we felt like all that contributed to us being able to sell at market value and get that offer during the first weekend that it went up for sale. Again, that’s even as the market was turning. That’s pretty incredible. She’s really got it together and knows what she’s doing. On the buying side, I would say it’s the same. We had a lot of questions that Lauren worked us through, for instance how much was reasonable in terms of asking for certain repair work to be done, and how much we could request from the seller. The inspection had revealed several issues. Lauren was great navigating and negotiating that. We were able to get the sellers to drop the price by $5,000 initially, then we got an additional $10,000 for repairs, like replacing windows, get radon mitigation installed and some more small things. Lastly, we’d say Lauren was really fair and respectful, in terms of giving us information, but leaving it up for us to make decisions. It was very professional.

Becca and Konrad Schlarbaum, 2023

The Best Colorado Springs REALTOR® Benefits


Get a Colorado Springs REALTOR® who makes home selling and house shopping easy

The Best Colorado Springs REALTOR® Provides Honest Communication at in a Timely Fashion

If you’re looking for a Colorado Springs REALTOR®, we make it easy to get superior market information when you need it most. Our expert negotiation advice plus prompt, honest responses ensure that you find the right home, when it’s right for you. We work hard to understand your needs, reduce stress, and help you make decisions that are right for your family, not for anyone else.

Best-in-Class Service without a Better-Than-You Attitude

Selling a home doesn’t have to be difficult. We apply Psychological Selling Secrets to your property sale. Unlike ego-driven agents who risk your profit with minimal attention to detail, our strategies are centered solely on you and your needs. We are Colorado Springs REALTORS® who apply proven investment principles and premium marketing services to perfect your selling experience.

Expert Advice You can Count on to Negotiate Winning Contracts

You deserve a Colorado Springs REALTOR® who will get you a contract that meets or exceeds your priorities. When you work with Lauren, you have control over your negotiating process. Our clients get deals that achieve their most important goals. And with good contracts you can maximize profit, minimize risk, and move smoothly into your new dream home.

The Best Colorado Springs REALTOR® Services

Better For Selling

Lauren is the only Colorado Springs REALTOR® who offers sellers the proprietary Psychological Selling Secrets to attract better offers fast.

Strategic guidance designed to achieve your specific goals
14 point Real Estate Diagnosis to maximize value
Honest, thoughtful advice on your property sale
Exclusive access to the most effective marketing technology

Better For Buying

We are the best Colorado Springs REALTORS® for buyers because we offers more personalized service so you can find the perfect home and understand the home buying process.

Up front consultation focused on Your Needs
No-pressure environment
Expert, caring guidance on your home purchase
Exclusive buyer agent representation

The Best Colorado Springs REALTOR® Process

We’ll walk you through the real estate process to help you move from one home to the next with ease and peace of mind.


Prepare your home so it will sell for the highest profit.


Make your equity work for you in your home sale.


We help you have fun finding the perfect home.


Close the sale and begin life in your new home!

How Much Equity Do You Have in Your Property?


Automated valuation is a starting point to value your property, which can be fine-tuned to provide more accurate pricing.

Begin exploring your equity with our auto-valuation tool.

Lauren Collier

Broker Owner


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