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Colorado Springs REALTOR® inspires spirited Coloradans to passionately Live out their boldest Dreams.

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Colorado Springs REALTORS® assisting you to move into a new phase of life.

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Colorado Springs REALTORS® providing the expert advice, best-in-class service, and honest communication you truly need when making a move.

Homes for sale in Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs REALTOR® shares the best homes for sale in Colorado Springs, Colorado for you!

D20 Two Story With 3 Car Garage

2550 Lumberjack Drive, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80920 COMING SOON $659,900 Two story with walk-out basement…

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Greyhawk at Northgate Two Story with Pikes Peak View

1334 Diamond Rim Drive, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80921 $750,000 Incredible Pikes Peak views and Grey…

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Westside Heights Ready to Build Land and Plans for 4 Units

2231 Westside Hts Colorado Springs, Colorado 80904 $500,000 Land + Plans for upscale modern homes…

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Park Vista Land Ready to Build

1132 Orchid St Colorado Springs, Colorado 80917 $995,000 You will receive the permit-ready construction drawings.…

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We had checked a few other realtors before we decided to go forward selling our home with Lauren. Initially, I liked her online presentation and talking with her on the phone, so then she came to our house to look at our property and give us a presentation. She showed us some past property listings she’s sold and the video tours that Live Dream Colorado had created. Everything was very bright and open looking and we felt she had something good going on. I was impressed with how organized and professional she was. I was sold right away on having her do our sale. And we sold in less than a week, right around our list price, because we decided to meet the sellers half way on some requests. Our house was a “Manitou Springs special” so Lauren dealt with some serious stuff with our house. We needed radon mitigation, and there were a lot of little hiccups along the way. The buyer had said originally that they weren’t going to ask for any concessions that weren’t necessary, like related to safety and such. But when they came back with an offer, they did ask for extra stuff to be done. Lauren helped us field all that and decline politely, reiterating that ‘this isn’t what was agreed to’ when we gave them buyer preference. She was very good and helped smooth everything over so it went through without us having to agree to those concessions. Also, we had to move before the whole sale process was complete. We were selling because we were ready for a big life change. We still needed the sewer line snaked, and several things still needed to be dealt with while we were gone, and Lauren handled all of that for us. She met workers at the house and facilitated the whole wrap-up with no complaints. A difficult situation arose with one of the workers at one point and I lost my temper with them, but Lauren came in and smoothed it all over, dealing with an upset company for me. She kept her cool even when things got hairy. I was very grateful to her. She just made sure everything went well and she got us set up with a notary in California to finalize everything. The whole last leg was done long distance, and she just made that as easy as it could be. She really went above and beyond. She was just really delightful.

Liese Chavez, 2023

I sold my house with Lauren and she helped me buy another one as well. She was knowledgeable about how to get the most bang for the buck in both buying and selling. Very honest about what could and couldn’t be done. Very straight-forward. She had a lot of input and was always available when I needed her. Working with Lauren was very pleasant. We had a great time. She’s easy to get along with. Smart. Funny. Knowledgeable. Go with Lauren. She’s a go-getter. She’ll get the job done.

David Shipler, 2022

Working with Lauren was wonderful and easy. Even though we hadn't decided on a listing date, Lauren made her stager available to us so that we could get a head start on getting the house ready. That was a big help because it was less work to do once we picked a date to move forward. She did a great job in helping us to stage it. Her write up in the MLS system was just impeccable. I think it attracted additional buyers to us because it was such a great write up and the photos were wonderful. She did the market research to give us a good starting price. We had not bought or sold a home in about 20 years, so her knowledge base, being able to manage anything out of the ordinary that came up, explaining the details to us, and walking us through it made it easy for us. Anything we had questions about, she was almost immediately available. She guided us along on some of the more involved things and gave us tremendous peace of mind going through the whole process. There were some issues that came up at the end with an insurance claim that we had to file, but she had managed that before and was very professional. She walked us through it and made it pretty fearless for us. Lauren also did some searching in the location we're moving to and found an agent and kind of interviewed the agent for us, then passed along her contact information. When we got out to the area, we engaged with this agent that Lauren found for us, and we had as good an experience out there as we did here with Lauren. It was such a relief to know that we had somebody that she'd made contact with and that she felt comfortable recommending. It made the process a lot better for us. Any opportunity we have to pass her name along, we definitely will.

Robin Thorne, 2022

The Best Colorado Springs REALTOR® Benefits


Get a Colorado Springs REALTOR® who makes home selling and house shopping easy

The Best Colorado Springs REALTOR® Provides Honest Communication at in a Timely Fashion

If you’re looking for a Colorado Springs REALTOR®, we make it easy to get superior market information when you need it most. Our expert negotiation advice plus prompt, honest responses ensure that you find the right home, when it’s right for you. We work hard to understand your needs, reduce stress, and help you make decisions that are right for your family, not for anyone else.

Best-in-Class Service without a Better-Than-You Attitude

Selling a home doesn’t have to be difficult. We apply Psychological Selling Secrets to your property sale. Unlike ego-driven agents who risk your profit with minimal attention to detail, our strategies are centered solely on you and your needs. We are Colorado Springs REALTORS® who apply proven investment principles and premium marketing services to perfect your selling experience.

Expert Advice You can Count on to Negotiate Winning Contracts

You deserve a Colorado Springs REALTOR® who will get you a contract that meets or exceeds your priorities. When you work with Lauren, you have control over your negotiating process. Our clients get deals that achieve their most important goals. And with good contracts you can maximize profit, minimize risk, and move smoothly into your new dream home.

The Best Colorado Springs REALTOR® Services

Better For Selling

Lauren is the only Colorado Springs REALTOR® who offers sellers the proprietary Psychological Selling Secrets to attract better offers fast.

Strategic guidance designed to achieve your specific goals
14 point Real Estate Diagnosis to maximize value
Honest, thoughtful advice on your property sale
Exclusive access to the most effective marketing technology

Better For Buying

We are the best Colorado Springs REALTORS® for buyers because we offers more personalized service so you can find the perfect home and understand the home buying process.

Up front consultation focused on Your Needs
No-pressure environment
Expert, caring guidance on your home purchase
Exclusive buyer agent representation

The Best Colorado Springs REALTOR® Process

We’ll walk you through the real estate process to help you move from one home to the next with ease and peace of mind.


Prepare your home so it will sell for the highest profit.


Make your equity work for you in your home sale.


We help you have fun finding the perfect home.


Close the sale and begin life in your new home!

How Much Equity Do You Have in Your Property?


Automated valuation is a starting point to value your property, which can be fine-tuned to provide more accurate pricing.

Begin exploring your equity with our auto-valuation tool.

Lauren Collier

Broker Owner


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