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Easy. Responsive. Informative. Thoughtful. Rob was very eager to help and assist in any way possible. I have known Lauren for years and I trust her. She will honestly answer your questions, meet your needs, and inform you of options as well as help you identify what you really want. She will also point out aspects of the home, listing or area a buyer may overlook during the searching process. – Keith Willschau, 2019

We trust Rob 100%. He’s our guy and he’s amazing. Most people give maybe 70%. He gives 110%. We’ll always use him. –Glenn Greenwood, 2019

Rob was incredibly easy to deal with. He was very quickly able to discern what my wife and I were looking for in a house. He went the extra mile to find exactly what we were looking for. When I asked him questions, he was very detailed in his responses. He came across less as a realtor and more as a very experienced friend. This was the first house I ever purchased, but he didn’t look down on me as a first-time homebuyer. He was willing to take time and explain the answer to any question I had. He’s very thorough, very accommodating, and just an incredibly knowledgeable guy. Other realtors I talked to were very half-hearted. They didn’t seem to care. Rob was motivated to help us. He’s super friendly and outgoing. He was always positive and ready to keep going. He would immediately call us when an offer didn’t go through and was ready to look at something else. One of things that made me want to hire him as my realtor is that he has an online presence. He wants to give information away to people. He’s prepared and wants to answer questions for you as a potential buyer. – Ryan B, 2018

Lauren and Rob listen. They’re both very personable and develop relationships. Lauren really took the time to ask what we expected and what we wanted to do with the house. The advice I got from Lauren about increasing the value of my home was excellent. She wasn’t out to make a quick buck. She wasn’t trying to sell us pie in the sky. She gave us straight advice. She was right on with her market assessment. Her preparedness sets her apart. You can trust her. Rob listened to what we wanted and was able to find us something we wanted. His patience paid off. My wife wasn’t sure she wanted to look at the house we bought. Rob said, “Why don’t you give it a shot?” and we did and we loved it. He really listened. He’s going to find you what you need. It may not be what you think you need, but he’ll find you what you need.– Jim Myers, 2018

Rob is wonderful! He answered all of our questions. He was there every time we called. If I left a message, he got back to me almost immediately.  He went to bat for us anytime there was a problem and he got it solved. The fact that he was available so much impressed us. He almost became like our son. He looks out for what you want. He isn’t pushy. He listens to you. We saw one home that didn’t have a window over the kitchen sink. I said I didn’t like that, so he made sure all the rest of the homes we looked at had a window over the kitchen sink. After the deal was closed and we were in the house, we had a problem with the sprinkler system that had been missed by the inspectors. I called Rob and asked his advice about what to do. Rob said, “Don’t worry. I’ll call you back in a day or two.” He contacted the inspecting company, told them to pick the company to fix the problem, and the inspecting company paid for it in full. We appreciate him! – Elizabeth Kelly, 2018

I was hesitant to work with a realtor when I knew I could probably find a house on my own, but Rob came recommended very highly from a friend of mine who had found her home with Live Dream Colorado. Right off the bat I trusted his recommendations. His insights and knowledge were ones I could never have figured out on my own. He understood what I really wanted and showed me options to help me decide what I really wanted out of a home. Rob’s experience in the field was clear as he walked us through homes, inspecting them closely and alerting me what to look for as well. Rob did such an excellent job responding to me, and his helpful manner made me realize I didn’t need anyone else. The entire process was smoother than I could have hoped, and I plan on using him again if ever I move. Even after I moved in, he was there to help answer questions and I feel very comfortable asking him for help anytime in the future. I recommend Rob to anyone who wants the best out of buying their home. He is efficient and dedicated to his clients. I’m very grateful to him for all his hard work. – Happy Buyer, 2018

My house was a bit of a personal experiment because my industry is energy and water efficiency, so I wanted to use someone who had developed the skill set to understand the improvements we made in the property and be able to communicate them while selling it. She was one of the few people who had undergone additional training to speak about those improvements. There are plenty of realtors who disregard all those concepts and wouldn’t be able to communicate them to people who value them and are searching for them. She was very professional and very responsive. She was good at communicating what we did and didn’t need to do to add value to our house in this market. My house sold on the first day, and I got well above full-price. – Frank Kinder, 2018

It’s like you’re looking at houses with your friend. He’s really personable. It’s super comfortable and low pressure. He makes it fun. – Christopher Krook, 2018

Rob was very, very helpful. Found all the houses we wanted to look for and was amenable to our schedule, which was great. He made himself very available and easy to work with – our schedules were really irregular. He’s easy to work with. He’s on your side in looking for something that is appropriate for your family. Not pressuring you in any way. I went with Rob based on recommendations of friends. – S.B., 2018

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