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Working with Lauren was an absolute dream. I was trying to move and sell the house all at the same time, so there was a lot going on. Lauren made it easy. She was willing to help out in any situation. I didn’t have to worry about “Did I get this done? Did I get that done?” If I didn’t get it done, she reminded me. She was always there when I needed something. She took care of lots of things for me. She kept on top of things when I couldn’t. I had to replace the water heater in my house before we could sell it. She was able to find someone who would install it and purchase it all at the same time, because by that time I was already in Arizona. She was a godsend. I recommend her to everyone I know. I wouldn’t hire anybody else in Colorado Springs. She’s the one to go to. She’s an excellent realtor to work with.

Lauren was top notch. She's professional, thorough, and friendly. She knew her stuff. She got us our asking price, and it was a lot higher than a couple of the other realtors we interviewed. When we told her the price we had in mind and that some other realtors were thinking $50,000 less, she said, "No, I agree with you, because that view, people will pay for it." She gave some good benefits to choosing her like staging of the house. She's great!

I highly recommend Lauren. She's very good at explaining things at whatever level you need so you're not left floundering and stressed the whole time. She takes a lot of the burden out of the process, which is a relief when you’re selling and buying since there are so many things that have to be done at certain times, and if you don’t make one it could ruin the whole deal. Lauren makes the process very clear, very upfront, and lets you know what those intricate steps are, so you know the whole thing and you're ready to go.

Selling our house with Lauren worked amazingly well. We put it on the market on a Friday. We had a bid on Saturday and another bid on Sunday, which we took. It went way faster than we thought it would. We were over the moon! Lauren had recommendations on staging. That's part of her process, giving advice on what things to move here and there. She had people come in and resituate things that were currently in our house to put it in its best light. She had good recommendations on how to price it. It was a very, very quick and easy process because she had it so under control. She was on top of all the dates and on everything that had to happen. We're both military, so our big thing is communication. We’re big on cradle to grave processes. We want to know where it starts, where it ends, what's our role, what’s your role. In the military, when you ask somebody to do something you expect them to do it. Lauren was so engaged and so on it. We didn't have to call and follow up. We didn't have to ask her, what's the status of this? She was always letting us always know. If Lauren says she's going to do something, she does it, and probably early. She always follows up. The greatest thing is she was available all the time, even when it wasn't business hours. She’d say “call me anytime you have a question” and she really answered the phone, even if we had a question at eight o'clock at night. She’s easy to work with.

Working with her on buying a house was a no brainer after her selling the other house. We hadn't bought a house in 20 years. Her communication was great. She made it really simple to understand the process. She was good with finding different specialists like the chimney guy and plumber guy. She had references for people she's worked with that did a good job. She and Jay answered all our questions. Jay was a lot of fun. He was knowledgeable and always there to handle all the people coming and going at the house. He would set things up in a way that was always accommodating to our schedule if we needed to be there. Whenever we had an inspector or anyone come in to the house Lauren or Jay was always present. The seller was being really difficult, which was unfortunate. We were so grateful Lauren and Jay were on top of all the details, observing all the things the seller still needed to do. We found stuff that we had to get fixed like the sump pump was broken, the electricity to the garage had been turned off, the garage wouldn't close. They were on top of it all.

Lauren is a phenomenal resource. She sold my home in May. She worked really hard to get it listed. She had great photos taken and put together a great media presentation on the web. It was published to and advertised to a lot of places. It was unfortunately a divorce situation, so kind of a tough road to hoe, but she balanced that really well. We were on the market less than seven days. I think we were sold and closed in three weeks. I was in shock. It went real quick and it was sold for what we wanted. She is helping me purchase a new construction now. I told her the things I was interested in. The tools she used made it so easy to find things that were available that were in my price range and matched my desires like a garage and square footage and air conditioning. She was available to go and look everywhere I wanted to do a walkthrough. She's highly accessible and very knowledgeable and very professional. She's probably the best realtor I've ever used, and I’ve bought a half-dozen homes in my life. These last two with Lauren have been remarkably easy. She’s knocked them out of the park.

I recently sold a house with Lauren Collier as my realtor. It was actually my third time working with her, so I’m a repeat customer. The first time I sold a home with her, I wasn’t even in the state. She kept in constant communication, reassuring me that the process was going okay, which I appreciated. She has spot-on customer service. She listens to me as the customer and what I’m looking for; my needs and requirements. She’s accommodating and receptive. And direct and clear, which I like. I’m actually going to be contacting her again soon because I’m ready to buy my next house.

As well as being a wonderful person, Lauren is a total professional. She advised us throughout the process and kept us from making poor decisions. Lauren is confident and knowledgeable in all her dealings with the sellers and helped us find a great home making our experience as smooth as buying a home can be.

Lauren had stamina. We started talking to her about buying a new house around five years before we finally did so — just asking initial questions, looking to see what was possible with our income, eventually checking out some places, but waiting for the time that was right for us. She never put any pressure on us and was so patient and understanding. That was amazing. When we were finally ready — because we have two kids and we became maxed out on space and needed a yard and basement desperately — we were looking to buy the new house and sell our existing home very quickly afterwards. We didn’t end up in a contingency, but it was similar. So our situation was complicated. Another dynamic at play was the market was turning significantly, going from a seller’s to a buyer’s market quickly. Lauren was great in helping us navigate what that all looked like, giving us a good understanding, and reassuring us that it was possible, that we weren’t crazy for going that route. She hired a really quality photographer, who took photos of each room from every angle, used a drone, made a video. They didn’t skimp on anything and went above and beyond for what technically was a manufactured house, a simple 3-bed, 2-bath, lower-priced house. She overcame the challenges. And we learned a lot about the importance of staging a home through Lauren, to a degree I had never heard before from any other realtors. Lauren’s advice really helped us stage the house well. So with the photographer and great listing on top of that, we felt like all that contributed to us being able to sell at market value and get that offer during the first weekend that it went up for sale. Again, that’s even as the market was turning. That’s pretty incredible. She’s really got it together and knows what she’s doing. On the buying side, I would say it’s the same. We had a lot of questions that Lauren worked us through, for instance how much was reasonable in terms of asking for certain repair work to be done, and how much we could request from the seller. The inspection had revealed several issues. Lauren was great navigating and negotiating that. We were able to get the sellers to drop the price by $5,000 initially, then we got an additional $10,000 for repairs, like replacing windows, get radon mitigation installed and some more small things. Lastly, we’d say Lauren was really fair and respectful, in terms of giving us information, but leaving it up for us to make decisions. It was very professional.

We had just relocated to the state so we were in the market for a new home. It didn’t take us long to find one. Lauren was very helpful in matching the listings to what we were looking for. And she was very accommodating to our schedules. We've got two young kids, so Lauren made herself available no matter the time. Working with her was awesome, she was outstanding. And we’re loving our new home.

This was our first home-buying experience. We’d gotten pregnant and decided it was time to move out of an apartment and into a home. We came into the process pretty stressed out, but Lauren was a calming presence. She made us feel heard. And she kept us reasonable and realistic to our budget. We’d pre-qualified, so we knew what we had to work with, but she did later give us a referral to Ent bank, which had the best rates at the time, so we appreciated that. It all happened really quickly. We first met with Lauren on a Monday, and were out touring houses the next day, and had made an offer before the end of the week, because we found a spot that we felt was way better than anything else we’d seen. She was great with finding us lots of options without overwhelming us. We’re happy with our new home. We knew the outside needed a lot of work, but the inside was livable. We’ve been able to do some fixing up and that’s been enjoyable. The outside will have to wait till warmer weather!

Lauren sold me the house eight years ago and helped me sell it last year. Wonderful lady and agent in the field. I have all the respect for her. I would recommend her services every day to anyone in the business of real estate buying and selling. Very experienced and familiar with the area. Great person!

Lauren and Jay were amazing. We bought our house sight unseen, from out of state, just from video chats with Lauren. She went to house after house doing video tours for us so that we could see them. And she helped kind of discourage us away from certain ones. She was really great. Very committed to helping us find a house. And we love the house. We’re so happy. My husband is ready to stay here forever. I think the biggest thing that stands out to me throughout the buying process with Live Dream Colorado is that we put an offer in on the house, and they accepted the offer, then I sort of had like that ‘Oh my god, are we really doing this?’ moment. ‘I haven't even seen this house before. There's three other ones that I love online. I don't know what we're doing.’ Lauren was even willing to — that same day — go back and tell the sellers that we needed to look through the house one more time. She did another video chat with us, while at the same Jay went to another house that I thought I was in love with and walk through it, to make sure that this was really the house that we definitely wanted. And it ended up being perfect. We had wanted to fly out for the inspection, but tickets were very expensive and Colorado Springs also got a snowstorm that day. So Jay went and he stayed with the inspector the whole time so we could video chat and ask him any questions we wanted, so we spent a lot of time with Jay, too. They were so professional, and it was pretty amazing service for not even having met us in person, just through video chatting. They were really awesome the whole time. And she sent us a ton of houses to look through. All we had to do was say, ‘Oh, we don't know about this backyard or whatever,’ and she would give us feedback immediately. She was so familiar with the area. With my husband being in the military, we don’t know when we’ll have to move again — we’re supposed to be here at least three years — but at some point we’ll be calling Lauren again when it’s time to sell our house.

Lauren's knowledge and experience were appreciated during a tumultuous housing market.

We lived in Texas and wanted to retire to Colorado Springs. We began working with Lauren before we ever sold our home in Texas. She knew specifically what kind of property we were looking for and provided emails with those homes on an ongoing basis. She kept us apprised of the housing market in Colorado Springs as the Federal Reserve increased interest rates. When we sold our home in Texas and traveled to Colorado Springs, it felt like we already knew her. She was ready to show us homes, answer our questions or do any research that was needed to provide us with helpful information. She was totally professional, knowledgeable and readily accessible. She was especially helpful when we were under contract. She listened to our concerns and represented us well. We were very pleased with the numerous times she provided us with local referrals and the quality of those referrals. My husband and I highly recommend Lauren Collier without any reservations.

We decided to leave our lives in Colorado behind after many years to live in a warmer climate, and now live in Florida. Lauren Collier was our neighbor before, and she continued to own and rent the house next door to us for the past decade. So we knew her reputation and loved our neighborly relationship with her. We had no qualms about hiring her when it came time for us to sell. Because we’d lived in this house for 20 years, we had more stuff in storage than we realized. We ended up throwing over half of it out. Lauren was so wonderful; she even took things to Goodwill for us more than once. Even on closing day we were still finalizing the clean, and she did a donation run for us. She does what’s needed. I was able to contact her anytime, she was always available to answer questions for us. She was great fielding whatever problems arose. After some initial tours of potential buyers, we got feedback that there was a lingering cat odor that we weren’t aware of, which is why we didn’t sell as quickly as we initially thought we would. Lauren helped advise us through replacing the carpets and another round of deep cleaning.  That solved the issue. I had confidence in anything that she said or recommended. Like, ‘Okay, she knows the business inside and out.’ She did a great job promoting the house too, with signage, social media and all the avenues available to her. Jay came in and did an outstanding job with our photos. She cares about helping people and helping them accomplish their goals. I know this about her personally. Without Lauren, we’d have had a more difficult time selling our home for sure.

My sister and her family needed a place to stay, so I decided to go ahead and purchase a new home last year. To say that the search process was crazy (at that time) is an understatement. It was still during the pandemic, and houses were just selling left and right! Super fast! However, Lauren was always on top of everything and always making phone calls to make sure that the houses I wanted to see were still available. She was great! It was very easy to work with Lauren. She’s professional and always kept me posted with what was and was no longer on the market. She operated very efficiently and was communicative and easy to work with. Almost a year living in the house now, I couldn’t be any happier with this purchase. Lauren was with me during home inspection, closing, every step of the way.

I’m retired military and recently retired altogether. We decided to move from Colorado to Panama City, Florida. Lauren did a great job helping us sell our home; they took great photos and helped stage the house well. It sold pretty quickly. Lauren was also great at answering right away when we had any questions.

We had checked a few other realtors before we decided to go forward selling our home with Lauren. Initially, I liked her online presentation and talking with her on the phone, so then she came to our house to look at our property and give us a presentation. She showed us some past property listings she’s sold and the video tours that Live Dream Colorado had created. Everything was very bright and open looking and we felt she had something good going on. I was impressed with how organized and professional she was. I was sold right away on having her do our sale. And we sold in less than a week, right around our list price, because we decided to meet the sellers half way on some requests. Our house was a “Manitou Springs special” so Lauren dealt with some serious stuff with our house. We needed radon mitigation, and there were a lot of little hiccups along the way. The buyer had said originally that they weren’t going to ask for any concessions that weren’t necessary, like related to safety and such. But when they came back with an offer, they did ask for extra stuff to be done. Lauren helped us field all that and decline politely, reiterating that ‘this isn’t what was agreed to’ when we gave them buyer preference. She was very good and helped smooth everything over so it went through without us having to agree to those concessions. Also, we had to move before the whole sale process was complete. We were selling because we were ready for a big life change. We still needed the sewer line snaked, and several things still needed to be dealt with while we were gone, and Lauren handled all of that for us. She met workers at the house and facilitated the whole wrap-up with no complaints. A difficult situation arose with one of the workers at one point and I lost my temper with them, but Lauren came in and smoothed it all over, dealing with an upset company for me. She kept her cool even when things got hairy. I was very grateful to her. She just made sure everything went well and she got us set up with a notary in California to finalize everything. The whole last leg was done long distance, and she just made that as easy as it could be. She really went above and beyond. She was just really delightful.

We were moving to Colorado Springs with the military. So we were largely working with Lauren long distance, doing everything from Texas. When we came into town, we only had 2 days here to go house hunting. Lauren lined everything up perfectly so that we got to see everything that we wanted to. She made the process super easy and had everything we needed ready to go. She had all the questions we didn’t even know we needed to ask. Working with her was exactly what we needed. We’re very happy with what we bought. We got into the neighborhood that we wanted to be in, so it worked out perfect. She was awesome to work with.

We were out of state, buying our house sight unseen and Lauren and Jay were instrumental in making that work. We couldn't have done it without them. They were basically our eyes and ears on the ground, giving us opinions, since, among other things, we couldn't know if a neighborhood was one where we'd feel comfortable. We flew out once to look at the area and Lauren and Jay were willing to meet with us on very short notice. They were tireless when showing us around and answering questions. Then, after we purchased the house, Lauren and Jay also helped us manage renovation, which was done remotely. They came and checked on the progress, took pictures and gave their opinions, which was invaluable. That's not what I would expect from every realtor. I almost felt like we were taking advantage of them. They definitely went above and beyond. We’re very satisfied with the location, the house, the price, and with the work that was done. We’re super happy.

I feel like Lauren did a great job and I was very happy with the outcome of working with her. I was very pleased with the fact that she took the time to go over the contract and what each document specifies and what it means, because I was previously working with another Realtor and got close to closing on the house and I didn't get any of that type of customer service. As a first-time buyer, I thought that was very important, to go over each of the documents. My situation was unique, in that I was actually purchasing the property that I’d been living in for five years. Lauren made it easy. She was informative, and overall exceptional.

I’m in the military and I got stationed in Colorado Springs. I bought a house with Lauren on my way into town in fall, 2020, and later sold that same home with her in winter, 2022, after I decided to get out of the service. Life happened, and I decided to move to a different state. Overall my experience in both transactions with Lauren was amazing. I think it speaks for itself that I used her services again to sell my home after having bought with her. I told her after we’d done the initial purchase that I would definitely be using her again in the future. I was able to call her anytime; she was always available. And she answered my questions, whether they were dumb or good ones, no matter what. And when it came time for my sale, she used a really great photographer, the pictures were amazing. Lauren had given me good instructions for preparing the house, like recommendations on what to do and not to do when I was setting it up. She helped handle everything and it all went according to plan. The market was heading down a bit during that period and there were around 90-something houses similar to mine available, but it still took less than a month to get under contract.

I sold my house with Lauren and she helped me buy another one as well. She was knowledgeable about how to get the most bang for the buck in both buying and selling. Very honest about what could and couldn’t be done. Very straight-forward. She had a lot of input and was always available when I needed her. Working with Lauren was very pleasant. We had a great time. She’s easy to get along with. Smart. Funny. Knowledgeable. Go with Lauren. She’s a go-getter. She’ll get the job done.

Working with Lauren was wonderful and easy. Even though we hadn't decided on a listing date, Lauren made her stager available to us so that we could get a head start on getting the house ready. That was a big help because it was less work to do once we picked a date to move forward. She did a great job in helping us to stage it. Her write up in the MLS system was just impeccable. I think it attracted additional buyers to us because it was such a great write up and the photos were wonderful. She did the market research to give us a good starting price. We had not bought or sold a home in about 20 years, so her knowledge base, being able to manage anything out of the ordinary that came up, explaining the details to us, and walking us through it made it easy for us. Anything we had questions about, she was almost immediately available. She guided us along on some of the more involved things and gave us tremendous peace of mind going through the whole process. There were some issues that came up at the end with an insurance claim that we had to file, but she had managed that before and was very professional. She walked us through it and made it pretty fearless for us. Lauren also did some searching in the location we're moving to and found an agent and kind of interviewed the agent for us, then passed along her contact information. When we got out to the area, we engaged with this agent that Lauren found for us, and we had as good an experience out there as we did here with Lauren. It was such a relief to know that we had somebody that she'd made contact with and that she felt comfortable recommending. It made the process a lot better for us. Any opportunity we have to pass her name along, we definitely will.

Working with Lauren was an excellent experience. Her knowledge of the local market, her knowledge of risks of acquisition of the property, as well as the converse side of selling the property, made her a uniquely qualified buyer's agent that saved me thousands of dollars. She has extensive knowledge of both real estate and the local area. If you don't hire her, you're an idiot and you're going to lose money. She's absolutely incomparable.

We loved working with Lauren. It was awesome. We're military and we were looking for a place to live, so we bought the house from out of state. We bought it without seeing it in person. I’d never done that before, but Lauren was super helpful. She would FaceTime with us or Google Duo. She’d do whatever we needed so she could show us the house. She was thorough, telling us the things she saw that would need to be fixed or things that looked better in the pictures but in reality weren't quite right. The house is beautiful. We love it. The referral Lauren gave us for the loan was also super helpful. She found a local lender that worked with us. We'll definitely be making recommendations for friends to use her, and we’ll definitely use Lauren if we ever decide to sell this house and buy something else.

Lauren was great to work with, as I suspected she would be. We interviewed three realtors and it was clear that she was the one that would work hard for us, and she did. She really worked hard for us. She was helpful about telling us what we needed to do to get the house ready and helping us find service providers to fix all the things that needed to be fixed. We decided we wanted to go for a higher price, so there was a lot we needed to do, and she was pretty clear about that. But she said repeatedly, “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.” The house sold twice. It sold the first time within a couple of days of being on the market, but then the buyer backed out through no fault of ours or of Lauren’s. We put it on the market again two weeks later and it again sold within a day or two. We got the price we wanted. We were happy. Lauren is a good person to use. She communicates well, is pleasant to deal with, and very knowledgeable. She’ll work hard to make your house look nice. She’ll help you get a good price.

Lauren is fantastic. She took such great care of us. We started the buying process when my husband and I were living in Alabama. I was introduced to her through a mutual friend. She listened to what we wanted. She went and saw one house for us and quickly realized that was not the right house. We told her we were open to new builds as well because we just didn't have the cash flow at the moment to get into a bidding war. She started making calls. Apparently, somebody had backed out of our particular lot. The floor plan was set, but nothing else had been decided. They hadn’t put it back on the MLS and hadn’t started calling their waitlist. They were like, “If you want it, you're going to have to move on it fast.” She called me that morning. She immediately went out to the model home on the other side of town and walked me through it with a video chat. Then she went back the next day and did a meeting at the sales center. My husband was towing the RV and I was in my car and we're all on video calls, trying to do this in the rain. We made the decision right then and there. We were like, “This is what we want. Let's do it. The numbers work. Let's go.” It was sort of fate the way it all worked out. Lauren knowing the market and knowing what we needed was just fantastic. She did our appointments in person for us when we couldn't be here. We would zoom or do video chat with her for our design center appointments and things like that, which was a huge help. She went over all of our contracts and all the legal stuff. We didn't have to worry about it, which really put our mind at ease. I never doubted that she had my back about anything, especially being so far away for so much of it. It was really reassuring to know that I could call her or text her whenever, and she was right there. Her responses to everything were amazing. Her response time was always fantastic. She just took care of everything. I don't see Lauren as that aggressive real estate agent that is throwing herself in front of everybody, but she takes such good care of her clients. She knows what she's doing. She's very thorough. She is kind. She knows her market. She’s excellent. I'm so excited with our house and can't wait for my husband to get home and see it in person.

This is the second home we've sold with Lauren, and each time she makes the process so simple. She's right there every step of the way. This time we had a complicated transaction. The signing kept getting pushed back and deadlines were being missed, but she was great about explaining all of our different options like working with extensions or canceling the contract. She walks through everything really simply. She was there to lend her opinions based on her experience to help us come up with the best option. We were able to close with the original buyer we selected with just a few amendments that still met our needs. She was completely available, no matter what time of day. We had conversations at 9 at night about contracts and inspection deadlines. She's always been 100% available. Anytime you need to talk to her about something, she's more than willing to sit down and go through all the options. She took the time to get to know us, know what we were trying to do, what our long-term goals were, and made sure that we met those goals. She cares more about her client’s interests than just getting the sale. She's just fantastic. She’s very level-headed. She has a lot of expertise, and a lot of good judgment. She's amazing.

I’ve sold five places with Lauren, so I obviously respect her services. She was recommended to me and I’ve recommended to her to friends and they've all been extremely pleased with her as well. She's extremely professional. I like her product – her pictures, her walk-throughs, her descriptions. She hires professional photographers. She's not out there with her cell phone taking pictures. She’s also really good about saying, “You can do this and because that's kind of a wow factor that'll help” and “No, don't worry about fixing that.” She’s good about being realistic about the kinds of things that will help the sale of a house. Good about telling you what to do, what not to do, and what not to worry about. She’ll tell you “That's not going to work” or “If you have time, go ahead and do it, but these are the big things that you want to hit.” The communication is completely open, so she’s easy to work with. She has an extremely positive attitude. She comes in with a positive outlook even on things that she's concerned about. She has a lot of follow through. It seems like there are some realtors that just do it as a part time gig, but this is what Lauren does. She is full time into this. She does a great job. She's grown a great business. She puts a lot of effort into keeping in touch with her clients, and not in an annoying way. A lot of thought has gone into her brand. She's done a lot of schooling. She does seminars. She just puts a lot of effort into it. She’s a class act.

We've worked with Lauren on both selling and purchasing a house three times now, and we'd never go to anyone else. We got the same level of attentiveness, stress relief, patience, and excellent service on all of our transactions. There are many realtors out there, but I was so happy we've found Lauren as her insights into the market, clear feedback and communication, and hard work that benefited us as both a seller and a buyer were second to none. I think Lauren is a clear leader in the Pikes Peak market, and I would recommend her straight-forward, no nonsense approach to anyone. She is the type of partner you want on real estate in Colorado Springs, and worth her weight in gold.

Lauren was really good. She did good work for us. I was impressed with her responsiveness. Being responsive is no small thing. She always responded whenever we texted or called. She also staged the space well.

We were first-time home buyers, and Lauren was a godsend. She made home-buying feel hassle-free. Every time I had a question she gave me an answer. It seemed like there was never a time we couldn't talk to her. She was always making herself available, and she was driving around Colorado all the time for us trying to find the best houses for us. Even if they were completely out of the way for her, she would always find a way. She wasn’t just looking for a quick buck. She was honest about every house. She’s super trustworthy. There were certain things we didn't know, and she would ask questions we didn't know to ask, so that was super helpful. A lot of realtors go above and beyond to make you feel important until you find a house, and then they just disappear, but Lauren was with us the whole time. She didn’t ghost us after she found us a house. She got us the house in January, and we were able to finally move in in September. She was with us the entire time. She went out of her way to try to find a place that we could rent to live at while the house was being built. She was there with us through the walkthroughs. She was still with us for every conference call we had. She helped negotiate down a price for a shower niche. She didn’t have to. We were getting the house. She would still get her commission. But she still helped us negotiate anyway. I have a lot of good to say about her. I’ve already recommended her to friends. She was perfect. I’m super grateful my wife found her.

There are a lot of residential realtors that are all fluff. Lauren is a complete package. She knows what she's talking about. She rarely speaks without some kind of backup knowledge. When you ask her to do something for you, like a market study or something, it's forthcoming very quickly. She tells you what she thinks, not what you want to hear. If you bring up something as an idea and she thinks it's a bad idea, she'll tell you. A lot of realtors won’t. If you ask her for a value, she’ll tell you what the value is. She won’t just pick a value that's high out of out of thin air to get the listing. I literally don't know if I could name somebody else that is as competent as she is. My last experience with her was selling four residences that I had just developed. She had them all separated nicely. We had numerous addendum changes. They were always done well. She never got mixed up. She always had the one you needed. She's efficient. She's knowledgeable. She always answers the phone. She does things well and she does it with a good attitude. She’s transparent. It’s hard to find somebody to deal with and to trust and that does things as well as she does. She tells you like it is and she's efficient at the same time. She's just really good at what she does, and I hope she keeps doing it. You’d be a fool not to hire her.

This was our first time buying a house and Lauren found the perfect house for us. Her priority was to make sure that we were satisfied. We found what we needed and wanted even though it took a while. We didn’t have money for the closing costs at the time and she helped us find a house that met those challenges. She helped us negotiate that the seller would pay the closing costs. It was an FHA loan, and she connected us with a financial guy who does those loans. Call her and hire her. Whatever your needs are will be her needs, and she’ll find you what you’re looking for. She’s great.

Lauren was great. It was a really nice experience working with her. She’s very clear and always available. As soon as we would text her, she was right there responding all the time. She’sprofessional, sweet, and listened to all our concerns and replied to every question. She was good with the little details. We know if we need to sell the current house we are in, we will go with Lauren again. This was our second house that we were selling that she helped us with. We had been renting it but didn’t want to have to go looking for another renter, so we decided to sell it. It was a little difficult because the people who wanted to buy the house were waiting for paperwork for loan approval, so we decided to wait for them. At the same time, when the inspector checked our roof, he said the shingles were not ok, they needed to be replaced. We had to file a claim with the company who made them, and Lauren helped us through everything. Both us and the buyers are foreigners, and they were not comfortable speaking in English, so Lauren acted as the bridge between us and her and their agent. I was afraid something would get lost in translation but everything went really smooth.

Lauren is easy to work with. I haven’t worked with a lot of Realtors, but Lauren’s company helped me purchase my house and we were happy then, so we reached out to her again to help me sell it a few years later. She’s very thorough, but not intense in her communication style. She’s like ‘Ok, let’s get stuff done.’ She’s timely, but appropriate in that she didn’t cause me to freak out about anything. She’s relaxed but professional. She did a walk-thru and was candid. She talked over options and suggested improvements based on our finances. She was cognizant of our limitations and sensitive to our budget. She gave good advice on the best use of resources to make the most out of the sale. We were separating and my wife was moving out of state. We were on amicable terms but after 16 years the situation was still a little tense. Lauren was very tactful about that and didn’t pry, and was helpful in explaining how we would do a closing with one of us being geographically remote. In the end, Lauren was able to match us with another client who was looking to buy, and who she thought would be interested in our house. It ended up being a great fit and we got our full asking price without ever having to list the property.

I had an 11 out of 10 experience with Lauren. It went so smooth. Even when stuff got hard with the lender, she made it so simple for us. She replied quickly and was always available. I have zero complaints; everything was awesome. I have since recommended her to one of my buddies who’s looking for a house. She was very reliable and the relationship continued after the sale — I still text her to this day. I’m in the military and I was moving from a different base, from one state to other. I feel that renting is a waste of money, so I wanted to buy a house. I started looking online, and Lauren’s name is the first one that came up. So I went with her, and it went well. I asked a lot of questions through FaceTime. She answered them all, and if she couldn’t, she’d find out and get back to me. I was buying a new house under construction, and she even communicated with the builders on my behalf to give me updates. One day I was in a meeting and forgot about one of our appointments. By the time I remembered and got there I was an hour late, but Lauren was still there waiting for me, which goes to show her understanding and dedication.

This was my first time buying a house. I had never worked with a Realtor before. I was finishing up graduate school and had a job lined up in Colorado Springs. My new boss recommended Lauren to me because she’d worked with her before. She was helpful and kind. I didn’t feel stupid asking her questions. She would answer them all and give me guidance and help me figure out what was next in the process, and what to expect. I felt I could trust her with the things I was looking for. I wasn’t concerned about being cheated. Since I was on a different schedule coming from out of state, Lauren ended up working with me at a time that I’d have normally considered after hours — like, she should have been home. That was impressive. She was timely and responsive. We kept changing the search parameters to find the fit I was looking for. I ended up buying a house that she was also the seller's broker for — it never reached the market. She’d told me about it a month or so before it was ready and I filed it in the back of my head as we looked elsewhere. When we didn’t find anything, she showed it to me when it became available and it was perfect. I made an immediate offer. I love my neighborhood and it’s close to my work, which is great.

Lauren is an exceptional real estate agent. She is attentive, knowledgeable, incredibly thorough and does everything with her clients’ best interest in mind. She goes over and beyond what most realtors would consider doing. I live in FL and had to sell my sister’s condo so it was not a simple listing. Lauren helped coordinate contractors, delivery persons and did her homework with the HOA. She saw potential issues before they arose and always had ideas on how to resolve them. Being so far away, I had to put a lot of trust in her and she far exceeded my expectations. I have bought and sold numerous properties over the last 30 years and cannot speak highly enough of Lauren and her work as a real estate agent.

Lauren was excellent! She was well prepared for every meeting and house showing and had extensive knowledge regarding property values, options for remodeling, and the overall pros and cons of each home we visited. She was also a great advocate and very effective at negotiating my needs, even staying up late to negotiate a deal with the seller! She also had wonderful and touching gifts offered during the home-buying process that supported local business and really made the experience feel special. If you ever have need of purchasing property, Lauren is a great realtor to have in your corner!

Lauren was a dream to work with! We were out of state owners, wanting to sell our property. She took care of everything for us in a very professional and organized manner. She is very detailed, polite, and was always quick to respond. We would highly recommend her!

Lauren delivers on every level and then goes beyond with a professional manner, personal connection and responsive nature that is truly unique. A friend recommended her saying "you will love Lauren and her approach". And she was completely correct. Seemingly always available with enduring patience and an intuitive sense that made our home purchase process a total joy - and the perfect decision.

I sold and bought a house in the midst of the COVID pandemic, closing both properties on the same day. It was a wild, stressful process, but Lauren was there with superb advice, hands-on help, and proven expertise every step of the way. I listed my old house in the early days of the pandemic, when no one knew exactly how the housing market would respond. Lauren thoughtfully considered market uncertainty along with comps, unique features of my home, and my desire to sell and buy within a tight timeline to develop a well-reasoned price point. The house sold within a month, which was phenomenal given all the showing restrictions and challenges of selling a house in such an unusual time. Lauren thoroughly explained every offer, helped me make counteroffers that met my selling goals, and guided me through repairs and updates. On the buying side of things, Lauren listened to my wish-list and helped me narrow down my priorities to find a great buy in an awesome neighborhood. She walked me through the offer and negotiation process and gave excellent advice on things to pay attention to during the inspection -- including recommending a sewer scope, which revealed some serious sewer problems the sellers agreed to repair. The sellers also agreed to install a new electric panel. Lauren answered every question and phone call quickly, professionally, and with a deep understanding of the huge range of emotions and frustrations real estate transactions can bring up. She is amazing! I cannot rave about her enough. Hire her for your next home sale or purchase!

Lauren was amazing during the whole selling process! She responded to all of my questions in a very timely manner, and explained each step of the process and all contracts thoroughly. Her professionalism can’t be beat. I would work with Lauren again in a heartbeat!

Lauren is an incredible realtor. We've done multiple transactions now with her help and simply can't recommend her enough. She's incredibly knowledgeable, amazingly fast, and stays on top of everything from start to finish. We won't ever go anywhere else!

Overall Lauren Collier is an A+ top-notch Realtor. I recently sold my house in Old Colorado City. From start to finish Lauren was very professional. She is very knowledgeable about real estate in Colorado Springs and has a good awareness of market trends. She was able to advise me on every facet of the sale and closing, especially around the inspection. In the first two days we had 27 showings. There were seven offers, five of which were over the asking price. She kept me completely up to speed in real time on each offer, making comparisons. She was always honest and straightforward and I never felt she had any other agenda other than selling my home. Ultimately, I sold for 5-percent above my asking price. Due to Lauren’s efforts, I was able to close on my house exactly two weeks after it went on the market. Since closing, Lauren has continued to give me good service with a smile and a great attitude, regarding a couple issues that needed to be taken care of post-closing. I recommend Lauren to the highest degree. I would absolutely sell a home with Lauren again. – Jeff, 2020

I took a new job in Southwest Colorado, where my husband and I have always wanted to move, as he grew up here. It was time to move. We stayed on the market for two and half weeks, mainly waiting for the right offer. With Lauren’s guidance, we held out for the right one. She really took a lot of time to understand the uniqueness of house and location. She also took professional photos and did a lot of advertising for us, and gave us specific feedback on what to do to make house most presentable and sellable. We’d interviewed a couple other Realtors, but Lauren was confident she could get us a lot more money than anyone else said they could. She listened to what our end-goal was, and, in the end, we got exactly the price we wanted. I love Lauren. She’s approachable, easy to work with, and was available when we needed to reach her. She’s the best of the best for a reason. – Alexis & Matt Garza, 2020

Lauren and Rob are the best Realtors we’ve ever had. We’ve bought and sold with them twice. We love them both. This last time, we were living in Gleneagle, and the taxes got so stinking high we couldn’t afford them anymore. So we decided to move back to Colorado Springs and we immediately called Rob and Lauren. We re-bought six months before we put our other home on the market only because the market was moving so fast. You’d get there and there’d be like 50 people lined up. It took us six months to find the right the right home — because of the market and we couldn’t find something with a three-car garage. As soon as we found what we wanted, we put ours on the market and it sold within seven days. Rob was so extremely patient and gracious. We looked at around 50 properties with him. We’d go to one, the market was so hot, then there’d be a bidding war. We had some pretty strict requirements. We couldn’t find anything with a three-car garage that was worth the money. We finally had to settle on a two-and-a-half car garage, because there was nothing out there. Lauren and Rob are very knowledgeable about the market, about everything, the whole sale. They’re also both really good in regards to inspections and everything. They’re so friendly and really look out for their customers.

Lauren’s super efficient. I live in New Hampshire and I didn’t have to step foot in Colorado once during the entire sale process. Lauren took care of it all. She gave me a lot of professional recommendations since I wasn’t actually able to see the house. She let me know the condition it was in, and how much damage there was from renters over the course of three years. It was a difficult time because it was on the market in December and January which is a really crappy time to have your house on the market, but it still sold in a little under a month. I didn’t get the price I’d initially wanted because, honestly, I think I was being a little greedy. I thought it was worth more and I wanted more. But Lauren was pretty spot-on with what she thought it’d go for. She’s extremely professional and has no issues telling you like it is. She doesn’t sugarcoat things. She said I should lower it, that it would be more realistic if I didn’t want to have to be stuck with it for a long time. I bought that house through Rob, and I love them both. I’ve dealt with multiple Realtors, because I own houses in Washington State and New Hampshire. And Lauren and Rob are by far the best I’ve ever dealt with. – Eleashia Martel, 2020

My experience with Rob and Lauren has been awesome. They’re people that I trust. I know they’re looking out for their clients. I refer them everybody that’s buying a home. We bought a home at first with Rob, then sold it later with Lauren, then bought another house through Rob. Lauren also sold my grandmother’s house for us. With Rob, I told him what I wanted to spend, what I’m looking for, how many rooms, etc. The house we ended up with, he showed us, and we loved it instantly. That same house we sold with Lauren. She came in and told us what we needed to do, what to fix. When her photographer came, she told us what to take off the counters — the little stuff. She’s very knowledgeable. She said ‘we can sell your house for this and you’ll get an offer real quick.’ So the first day it was on the market, we got an offer and sold. We got $8,000 more than what we were asking. – Adam Valdez, 2020

Lauren was nice, helpful, and she told us what we needed to do to sell our home to get top dollar, which we were able to get. We’d bought our first home in Colorado through Rob when we first moved here. We have four kids, including two teenage boys, and we outgrew that house quicker than we thought we would. Lauren knew her stuff and what would stand out to buyers. She knew what to do to appeal to buyers. We upgraded the kitchen and bathroom floor. The way we set up the house — with four kids we had a lot of clutter — we got rid of that to open the rooms and make them look bigger and she staged the back yard for us. We spent a little bit and got a lot back. It worked out really good for us, all the things she told us to do. And it happened so fast. We met in July and sold the house the first week of August. She did an amazing job. We listed it on a Thursday and were under contract on Saturday morning. We could have been under contract Thursday, we had four offers. But we had bookings through the weekend so we wanted to pick out the best. Both Rob and Lauren are amazing, they do really great work. – Steve Doebler, 2020

Rob helped us buy our first home! From the beginning, Rob was hands-on and always there to answer our questions. He was resourceful, patient, personable and always connected and present throughout the entire process. Other Realtors sometimes give you a business answer, but Rob always had more of a personal touch. We were first-time home buyers. We needed that extra hands on, and he worked around our schedules. He made an extremely stressful time manageable and exciting! We had rented our townhouse for double the time we wanted. My husband and I had been together 10 years, so it felt like the time to finally have our own place, especially with everything going up in the market. We looked at around eight houses and put offers on two others before we found ours. The ones that didn’t work out for us, it was like “Why, what did we do wrong?” And Rob was there to give us advice. I would recommend Live Dream Colorado to anyone looking to either buy or sell their homes. They are a fantastic team and you can tell they really care! – Rebecca & Daniel Fontecchio, 2020

We were talking about selling our house in Colorado, and two years ago we started doing the necessary upgrades. We didn’t know where we were going or when, but we knew we needed to downsize. I cried when we finally left. My youngest daughter was born in that house. It was sad to sell it. We loved that house. We put so much time and money into it. We had kids there and dogs we loved. My plants. Rose bushes my brother gave me. But it was time for the house to find another family to love. We had to let go of that old stuff in order to embrace something new. Lauren was a delight to work with from start to finish. She’s very practical and evidence-based. She researches things. She knows what works and what doesn’t work. When she tells you to do something, she knows why you should do it. She was so prepared and knowledgeable. I was a Realtor for 7 years, and people asked me if I was going to sell the house myself. I said no, because I really believe you need a professional to do it. Someone who is up to date because markets and trends change. Lauren stays up to date. I was worried about my ugly laundry room. It had a southwestern border from the 90s. Lauren said, ‘I don’t think that’s a high priority. You’ve done all the important things people care about and look for.’ And she was right. She brought in a magician to do the photographs. She works with this amazing service for showings. You could set it up online and people could schedule viewings and you’d get notified so you could get out of the house. Lauren always made sure to get feedback. She has a system that is flawless. She communicates really well. She communicated with both of us. Just the right amount. She’s factual and pragmatic. She’ll say ‘These are your options. This is what I’ve seen other people do. This is what’s happening in your neighborhood. But it’s your choice.’ We finally decided to sell because we really felt like we would get top dollar in this market, and we weren’t sure what we’d get later. We are thrilled with the price we got. We got more than we ever thought we would get. Ultimately, I appreciated Lauren’s pragmatic approach, because selling a house is a business decision. I didn’t get emotional until the end. Up until then I was all about the process. – Eileen Healy, 2020

Lauren is outstanding. She has sold two houses for me. My experience with her on the first was why I chose her to sell my second. She put a lot of time and care into making sure she understood my needs regarding the sale and the time-frame. She set real expectations with me and was very upfront and honest. I felt she had only my best interests in mind throughout the entire process. For this sale, I had gotten engaged and decided to move to Denver. Lauren took a lot of the normal stress away, because I was commuting daily to Denver and didn’t have the flexibility to meet her at any time. She accommodated me through the whole process. Now, my wife and I are finally in a new house together. Lauren walked me through the various options for preparing my house, and the price range I could expect for each state of “readiness.” We went through each option’s cost. Finally, we agreed which option was best for me given my time-frame and funds available. Lauren helped me find contractors to work on the house and also swung by to inspect the results when I couldn’t. She does not set unreal expectations. I’ll continue to recommend Lauren in a heartbeat. – Bob, 2020

After 30 years in our home, we decided to move back to my small hometown in Montana. We were tired of all the traffic and the rapid growth in Colorado Springs. We miss some things about Colorado, but wouldn’t change our decision to sell and move. Lauren was wonderful to work with. She spelled out all the options, made helpful suggestions, and followed through on everything she promised. She was always available for us whenever we had questions and responded promptly to our texts and phone calls. She went above and beyond the call of duty several times. - John DeBacker & Maggie Harmon, 2020

We first worked with Lauren we when bought our old house. I recommend her to people all the time. This was our first time to sell with her and buy a new house through Rob. We were upgrading. We bought a bigger house on the north side of town. We bought the new house first, before our other was on the market; we did a bridge loan type thing, so we had a little time to get it ready. Rob was fantastic, extremely responsive, and he clearly wanted to make sure we got the right home for us. He made it easy, was quick to listen to our needs, and talk us through the options. If he felt like something wasn’t right for us, he’d tell us; he wasn’t just trying to make a sale. He was especially helpful when it came down to the inspection objections, talking us through what was reasonable to ask for and what we should expect. He helped us narrow down to the things we wanted to focus on, and what we wanted the seller to focus on. When it came to our sale, Lauren was also very responsive, got back to us quickly, she had good insights while walking us through the whole process. We had holdups with the financing from the buyer, so she explained our best options and again made everything easy. She was phenomenal. - Cori & Dan Gregory, 2020

Easy. Responsive. Informative. Thoughtful. Rob was very eager to help and assist in any way possible. I have known Lauren for years and I trust her. She will honestly answer your questions, meet your needs, and inform you of options as well as help you identify what you really want. She will also point out aspects of the home, listing or area a buyer may overlook during the searching process. – Keith Willschau, 2019

Lauren and Rob listen. They’re both very personable and develop relationships. Lauren really took the time to ask what we expected and what we wanted to do with the house. The advice I got from Lauren about increasing the value of my home was excellent. She wasn’t out to make a quick buck. She wasn’t trying to sell us pie in the sky. She gave us straight advice. She was right on with her market assessment. Her preparedness sets her apart. You can trust her. Rob listened to what we wanted and was able to find us something we wanted. His patience paid off. My wife wasn’t sure she wanted to look at the house we bought. Rob said, “Why don’t you give it a shot?” and we did and we loved it. He really listened. He’s going to find you what you need. It may not be what you think you need, but he’ll find you what you need.– Jim Myers, 2018

My house was a bit of a personal experiment because my industry is energy and water efficiency, so I wanted to use someone who had developed the skill set to understand the improvements we made in the property and be able to communicate them while selling it. She was one of the few people who had undergone additional training to speak about those improvements. There are plenty of realtors who disregard all those concepts and wouldn’t be able to communicate them to people who value them and are searching for them. She was very professional and very responsive. She was good at communicating what we did and didn’t need to do to add value to our house in this market. My house sold on the first day, and I got well above full-price. – Frank Kinder, 2018

Great experience! Lauren provided excellent client services. Her knowledge base, guidance, and timely response to us, far exceeded our expectations. We chose Lauren for her reputation, professionalism, and proven results. – Carla Zercher, 2018

I had a specific idea in mind for my house. Lauren was excellent at finding the middle ground for my “list,” and getting me to realize what was important in a home. Her never-ending patience really helped me enjoy finding a house instead of stressing out over it. Now, because of her efforts, we love our house! The process with her was effortless – almost – and I now see her as a friend! I’ve gone through buying a home before, and when I moved to Colorado, I initially talked to a few realtors but I could tell instantly that Lauren was making me a priority. She answered our questions faster than we could ask them sometimes. And she always went the extra mile. At one point she just texted us some encouragement because she knew I was stressed, and, literally, the next week we found the perfect fit. The other realtor I had talked to was clearly very busy and would rarely respond in a timely manner, let alone going out of their way to just check in and make me feel cared for. Lauren understood how stressful the process was and clearly explained what she was doing while not overwhelming me and my husband. She kept us posted on developments or hiccups in a way that made us feel like we were kept in the loop. The way she approached helping us made it feel more like a partnership than a realtor/ client experience. Not once did I ever feel pressured. In other experiences I felt pressured to like a house, but with Lauren I felt comfortable being a little nitpicky because she used that feedback and helped me realize some aspects of a house I thought I wanted weren’t actually that important to me. Lauren did an incredible job helping us find a dream home, and I’ll always be thankful to her for making the process as painless as possible. Her positive attitude helped me realize everything would work out, and, when it did, it was more than I could have asked for.  – Happy Buyer, 2018

The LDC team helped me as a Buyer as well as Seller and their service went above and beyond the call of duty. Lauren is very proficient in writing amendments. She looked out for my interest in several areas. She was informative and very well versed in a myriad of details with the process. – R.S., 2018

Lauren made it really easy. I’m in Texas and I was selling a house in Colorado, so I was concerned about the communication piece. Her communication was great. She kept communication open. She gave good advice as far as how the market is going. Everything went smoothly. – Edward Ruiz, 2018

Rob and Lauren make you feel like you’re their only client. They go the extra mile to make you feel respected and heard. When we met Rob, we knew he was a great guy. He’s really personable. He wanted the best for us, not just the sale. Rob was always transparent and respectful. With buying the house, Rob and Lauren both helped us negotiate the best offer we could make. They made great suggestions to help us get the house. On the selling side, Lauren was really, really knowledgeable and very organized. She did a lot of research and found we could sell for a lot higher than we thought, so we got a lot more money out of it. She laid out everything clearly in a very structured way that made a lot of sense to me. She was able to back up her opinions with evidence and show comparable properties that made her think it was worth a certain amount. Any questions I had, if she didn’t know the answer, she would get to the bottom of it immediately. Rob and Lauren made everything as easy as they could for us. Their treatment of us was really fantastic. – Ethan & Mary Beck, 2018

I liked the fact that Lauren was just a seller’s agent. I didn’t know those existed. That made a huge difference because she wasn’t out there showing other people houses. She was focused on this house. It was about us, and not just the commission and sales process. I felt like she was working for us. I loved the fact that Lauren staged the house and moved more stuff in. My mom had lived in that house for 45 years. She made my mom feel comfortable. She was always there. When my sisters in Texas called, Lauren would get right back to them. She’d explain things in a way they understood. Even after the house sold, we'd call her with questions and she would answer them. When my mom went to sell the house, Lauren’s name popped into my head. After talking to her and listening to what she said she’d do, we didn’t feel the need to find another realtor. She has an amazing photographer that comes in and takes pictures. She does so much stuff upfront, the house sells itself. – Karolyn Bryant, 2017

Lauren was phenomenal. She knows what she’s doing. She took charge. She explained all the legal parts of the process and how she would move forward if we listed with her. I was impressed with her all the way through. She knew what she was talking about and kept me in check about listing the house too high. She helped me list it at a price that wouldn't drive buyers away. We ended up selling within a few days and made a nice profit. With Lauren, you can be confident you're in good hands. – Kevin Gladden, 2017

Lauren has a great personality. She's tenacious and a go-getter. She never sleeps. She doesn’t take any time for herself. It’s all about the client. – S.M., 2017

We had a really fantastic experience working with Lauren. She was always very energetic and positive, and she got us a great price for our house. When she first told us the price she planned to ask for the house, I thought she was crazy. I went with it because she was the professional and she knew the market. We ended up selling for $12,000 over the asking price! The marketing she did for the house was top notch. She always kept us informed about what was going on and any developments with financing. My previous experience with a realtor wasn’t a good one, so I was a little skeptical. He was pushy and couldn’t understand what I wanted. But with Lauren it was an amazingly positive experience. – David, 2017

Lauren was fantastic. She patterned everything to us, rather than us having to change to a realtor’s style. She found out our needs and fit our timetable. She pointed us in the right direction to speed things up. It was a very quick sale and purchase. We used her company for both. She gave us very good insight around what we needed to do get the house ready to sell. She was very thorough on inspecting the house and seeing what needs to be done, including having her own inspector come in and suggest things. She far exceeded our expectations. – Kat, 2017

I’ve used Lauren a couple times now. She’s great to work with. She’s very punctual, very detail-oriented, and respectful of your time. She’s good at listening and understanding what you’re looking for. She goes the extra mile and takes care of the people she’s working for. She pays attention to everything you need. – Chris, 2017

Lauren took it upon herself to take care of most of the activities regarding repairs and working with contractors. That was very helpful to me. I was in Denver and stressed out with other stuff, so I didn’t have the time to fix things. She represented me really well and marketed the property well. She is the kind of agent I would invest in in the future. She went above and beyond. I didn’t even consider another agent. I had a very pleasant experience buying a property with Lauren, so I used her again. – Happy Seller, 2017

Lauren and Rob make everything super easy. It can be stressful buying and selling a house – investing that much money. It’s extremely important to have someone qualified to help you out in taking a huge step forward in your life. I talked to a couple of other realtors before Lauren and Rob. I’m very picky when working with people. I want them to be competent and intelligent and ready to work. I knew pretty much instantly when I talked with Rob on the phone that he was a go-getter. I talked to another realtor who sounded like she had just gotten up and who showed up late to the first showing. So when I talked to Rob, it was a wrap. Lauren’s experience was pretty noticeable, too. I trusted her to make the right decision about who I should sell the property to. I had multiple offers so I could choose who to sell it to. I ended up choosing the right person. I definitely made a profit off of it. It was a good turn. I was in Texas most of the time I was selling my condo in Colorado. Lauren pretty much handled everything I couldn’t do. The condo had people living in it – it was being rented out – so she was able to find someone to clean it out. She found someone to make necessary repairs. She even found a storage unit. She went above and beyond. Lauren and Rob are awesome! - D. Arellano, 2017

Rob and Lauren did an excellent job at finding my family a home to buy. They are very organized and motivated! They made sure to meet our list of needs and wants for a home. They made the process easy and worry-free. Lauren and Rob are the best for selling and buying! - Sarah Piccioni, 2016

Lauren helped me step by step through my home purchase process from an out of state owner. While on vacation, she even met with the owner in Arizona to explain the contract and get it signed. The contract needed to be amended three times and she took care of everything. Lauren's fees were very reasonable. Highly recommend her and Rob. - Andy Green, 2016

Everything was really great. We've known Lauren for some time now, and we couldn't have asked for anything better. The experience was really great and quick. She marketed everything well, did thorough research, and was very professional. We sold and then bought. Lauren took care of everything selling the house and Rob did a great job with the purchase. He was very patient. - Tim & Kelle, 2016

Lauren and Rob are friendly, professional, good at what they do, and sold my house quick. They presented our house well. They put up nice pictures online. We fixed the house up beforehand and priced it to sell. We sold the house in about 10 days. - Dustin H., 2016

My first selling experience was fast, smooth, and quick, as I expected it would be. I'm sure Lauren did a lot of "behind the scenes" work to make sure everything ran smoothly. She was friendly and pushed to get it done and sold. I would recommend her to others. - Jonathan I., 2016

Lauren recently helped us sell our house in Colorado Springs! It was sold within the timeframe we needed it to be sold. During the entire selling process Lauren kept us informed of everything in a promptly and professional manner. We highly recommend Lauren. - Ria Shapiro, 2016

I wanted to be closer to where my son lives, and my son and I had a very specific area in mind. Lauren and Rob were very accommodating and very sweet. I've moved many times in my life and have had many realtors, and some will take you around and you walk in the front door and you think, “Really? You’re showing me this?” and you don’t take two steps further. Some realtors want to offload houses that are really bad. A lot of realtors can be very heavy-handed and try to sell you, but Lauren and Rob are relaxed and let you decide. They let you walk through and make your choices. They were very honest and forthright and have a lot of energy. They’re friendly, genuine, nice people. Very comfortable to be around. Always smiling. They’re willing to make everything go smoothly. Whatever I needed was handled. I’ve been widowed for a long time. When you’re old and widowed you feel a little vulnerable, so it was nice to have someone I could trust. They were A+. - Happy Buyer, 2016

Lauren was phenomenal to work with. I felt like she was a partner. I felt like she was a friend helping me sell my house, rather than a professional I just hired in to do a job. She is proactive, helpful, and thoughtful. She would give us things to work on. She wouldn’t hold back or sugar coat things just because we didn’t want to hear it. As sellers, you’re very tied to your home. You have a lot of emotion invested in it. Sometimes it can be difficult to hear there are things you need to improve or change before you leave. It was really helpful to have that list of items – what we can work on now, what we need to think about, and what we don’t need to pay attention to. It helped us feel more prepared to sell our house. This was our first home. It was ours. We were the first owners. So there was some element of sadness selling it. But we also knew of the buyer and knew her story a little bit. It was nice to pass our first home down to another family. It was a mom and her son, a military family first coming to town. We wanted to help them have a good start in the city with a new home.

Lauren made the process seamless. She told us exactly what to expect and gave us very realistic timelines. She helped us with the deadlines and set reasonable expectations all throughout the process. I felt really prepared and knew, more or less, what was going to happen. It sold within two weeks. I think it was 10 days, officially. We closed within about 30 days. A lot of that is credit to Lauren. She did a really great job marketing our home. She put it in front of the right audiences. She took a lot of time to get quality photos of our house – and she gave us a list of things to fix before she even did the photos. You look at the photos and you think, “This is a nice home. I want to live here!” She was very good at communicating, checking in, seeing how we were doing, asking us if we had any questions. She was incredibly knowledgeable about her job, very smart about the market, and very strategic about her marketing and how she was going to tell our house’s story. I think it’s helpful that Lauren is really involved in the community. She knows how to target her marketing. She knows what will be key selling points in the description. She understands the buyers and the sellers. I would recommend Lauren in a heartbeat. I wish I had a Lauren in Denver. – Alyssa Parker, 2016

I had another realtor before Lauren, and the house didn’t sell for more than a year. When that contract was over, I hired Lauren. And it sold like that. She had someone take pictures that looked really good in the ad. I had it listed at a price, and Lauren got it sold for $2,000 over that price. It didn’t even take a month. She sold the place right away. - Happy Seller, 2016

Rob and Lauren were extremely professional and approachable. Lauren was very honest about improvements we needed to do in order to sell our condo. She had great references to help find trustworthy inspectors, painter and a handyman who helped get things done for us with short notice. Rob, as well  as Lauren, were both very friendly and communicated very well either in person, over the phone, email or text. There was even an occasion when we ran into a small hiccup and Rob contacted us by phone while he was on a weekend getaway, which was suppose to be family time. We appreciated his attentiveness to our issue and really was not expecting for him to go out of his way, as it could've waited until he returned. Both very good negotiators who explained everything in a manner that we could fully understand. Very trustworthy and highly recommended. I have had loved ones who have experienced quite the difference in their home buying/selling and only wish these two could have done the job (this was just before their time). If we ever had to do any home transactions, we would call them with no reservation! - Jennifer & Eddie Matte, 2016

Lauren was able to get us an appraisal higher than any other realtor. She does it based on your house – how individual it is when compared to all the others. You can have a similar house right next to you, but if you put $50,000 worth of stuff inside, Lauren makes sure the appraiser recognizes that. We interviewed five realtors, and all the other realtors said, “This is what has been selling in your neighborhood. You’re not going to get over this amount.” Lauren was able to get about $64,000 more than any other realtor. She gave us a copy of a book she wrote about buying and selling homes. It was very helpful. We read it before we even interviewed her. In the book there’s a part about how she appraises homes – how it’s about the value not the comps.

One of the things she did that was so impressive was having a guy come in with a drone. The pictures she took and the layout she did was unbelievable. It was better than any we saw on the internet for selling other people’s homes. It was amazing. Lauren also had some kind of link where you could go in and see statistics – how many people looked at your house and what their comments were. And if she didn’t get feedback, she’d press people for some. That link was really, really good. She’s very, very thorough. If I were to ever sell another home, she would be the first on my list.

Rob helped us buy a new home. He was such a gentleman. So professional and accommodating. We’d say, “We need to look at another one.” And he was right there and would say, “Whatever you’ve got to do.” He’s the most pleasant individual. He helped to point out things, making sure we looked at important things. He found very good inspectors. He stayed on top of things. He got back to us. He’s very thorough. We’ve recommended him many, many times. - Sheila and Mike, 2016

Working with Lauren was wonderful. She was extremely knowledgeable and professional. I appreciated her attention to detail. She gave great advice! We actually ended up with a bidding war. She did the staging beautifully. I never felt like I had to call her to follow up. She was on top of everything. She never left me hanging. It was a very positive experience all the way around. I will definitely refer her to others.” – Cheryl Westendorf, 2015

Lauren and Rob are very friendly and personable. Lauren is very, very accommodating. We loved working with Lauren. She was willing to meet with us at a brewery where we love to hang out, instead of around a Bruce Wayne conference table. We could reach her by e-mail, phone, and text. Having all those ways to communicate was great. – Jacen Spector, 2015

Lauren takes care of business at a very high level. Our transactions are always smooth. We’ve been working together a long time, and she just gets it. She does an excellent job. – Jeff Carter, 2015

When we were ready to sell our house, we knew exactly who to go to! Our house was under contract within 2 days of listing. Lauren will be our first choice whenever we need a realtor again. Her associate, Rob, was also wonderful to work with. He was there every step of the way in helping us find our new home. We will definitely be using them again. We wouldn't have been able to move as quickly as we did without Lauren and Rob!! Thank you! – Joe and Jamie Waite, 2015

Lauren is awesome. She is very professional. Always prompt. She mimicked my sense of urgency, but not in a pushy way. She’s really smart, was realistic about how my house would sell, and gave good advice about what to fix or not fix. She had a great photographer. She put together a video to show the house. The technology she used for scheduling showings was really cool, and sending documents via e-mail that I could sign on send back on my phone made things really easy. My house was only on the market for 5 days and I had a full offer. She’s helpful in little ways, too. She had extra boxes that she brought over to help me move stuff out of my house. Sometimes people say to go with a realtor you already know to save on realtor fees … well, Lauren is worth every penny of those fees. – E. Murphy, 2015

Rob and Lauren are very personable. They’re not just running through the motions. They are honest and enthusiastic. Rob is the most eager and energetic person I’ve ever met in my life. He was great! I would consider him a friend at this point. At one point we were thinking about renting our house out, and Lauren went above and beyond to help us think it through. If we ever had a question, Rob would find the answer instantly. If he didn’t know the answer, he would find out or consult with Lauren. Rob got anything done that needed to be done very quickly. If we buy or sell in the future, we will 100% use them. – Matt Garza, 2015

I thought Lauren did a great job. We had a lot of challenges in trying to get the house sold, but Lauren did the best she could with what we had. I really liked her. Her responsiveness was key. I’ve worked with other realtors in the past and they don’t get back to you. Lauren was always available. She did a good job for me. She was recommended to me by a buddy at work and he had good things to say about her. I was really pleased by the process. It’s hard to find someone who does a good job, and she does a good job. – Happy Seller, 2015

Working with Lauren and Rob was wonderful. They're great and really listen to your needs. They are wonderful people and now life-long friends. They really listened to my needs and wants. They came over after I was settled in and gave me a house warming gift. I absolutely would recommend Lauren and Rob to others.  – Eleashia Martel, 2015

Lauren was very professional. I didn’t have any surprises or gotchas working with her. She was very patient explaining things. She explained clearly, and over and over again, if I needed it. She gave me information about the process that I wasn’t aware of. I hadn’t sold a house before with a renter inside. I appreciated that she was the go-between. She put some issues out to the buyer that I didn’t want to deal with. The computer documentation was beneficial because I didn’t have to run back and forth between offices. If you need someone who is a go-getter, who is smart, knows the process, and will hold your hand through it, Lauren is the one! – Sharon Simpson-Dogon, 2015

Rob and Lauren made things really easy. It didn’t require any effort on my part. They kept me up to date and got documents to me on time. Coordinating via e-mail made it convenient and easy. Rob was out for a little bit, so the fact that they could team back and forth made it easier. – Pete, 2015

If anyone is ever looking to buy or sell a home, we highly, highly recommend Lauren and Rob. Our ENTIRE home buying experience was so incredible. We love everything about our house, the contract was negotiated amazingly and we could not be happier. As a former realtor, I can honestly say, they are the best realtors I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Looking at homes with Rob was so much fun! We just cannot say enough about him. He knew exactly what we were looking for, always keeping in mind our needs and desires. He was also very open to hearing our creative ways of how we could make a house possibly work, even if it was listed as something that did not necessarily seem to fit us. He has the greatest sense of humor and was willing to go far above and beyond to help us find a home. We knew Rob was in it for the long haul. When we found the home of our dreams, it just so happened that we were getting ready to leave for vacation for 10 days. While at the airport, Rob called and gave us the news that our offer had been accepted! Amazingly, we were able to relax and enjoy our vacation, despite being in the middle of a contract to buy a home. Rob and Lauren handled everything so beautifully and always, always, always kept our minds at ease. All of the deadlines were met easily, even with us being away. We could not ever express how professional, yet fun, Rob and Lauren always were to work with. They both know their business so well, it blows my mind. Each of them offers something different, working together perfectly as if they were born to do this job as a team. We send a million thanks to Lauren and Rob. Their expertise, training, education, knowledge, personalities, and myriad other skills, made all the difference in the world for us during our home buying experience. We will always refer everyone to them, confident that neither one will disappoint. – Michele Brenna, 2015

Lauren was always available within a reasonable amount of time to help me out. She kept me well informed about what was going on in my area and we touched base often. She listened and remembered what I had said. She was positive, even pointing out things about how she admired the way I looked at situations. We laughed a lot and whenever there was a problem, she handled it quickly and very much to my satisfaction. What I valued most about Lauren was her honesty, I soon learned that I could trust her. She went out of her way to do things for me when I needed to be out of town but work needed to be done at my house. I highly recommend Lauren Collier to anyone who is trying to sell their home! – Lisa Beaudette, 2015

Lauren is going to be the most successful Realtor in Colorado Springs before you know it! She's results-oriented and focused. She's friendly, but she's also no-nonsense about getting things done. She doesn't procrastinate, and she doesn't make excuses. I know and have worked with quite a few terrific Realtors here in town, and even among them, Lauren stands out as a star. Lauren went above and beyond to help me sell my home. She even took the effort to approach my HOA and tell them everything they needed to do to be able to accommodate VA loans, explaining to me (and them) what a large percentage of Colorado Springs buyers fall into that category. I will continue to recommend Lauren to my friends who are in the market to sell their home.

We appreciated Lauren very much because she was attentive to our wants and needs. It took us a little over a year to find the right house for us. I would say we were hard to work with because we were holding out for the right opportunity. Her patience is impeccable. She never pressured us to do anything. She understood that we needed the right house for us. She made us aware of things that could be potential problems. It was really a pleasant experience. She made it a seamless process for us. She understood we needed to do it on our own terms and time.

Lauren was recommended to me by a friend. She was described as a rock star agent, and she certainly lived up to that description! She was timely, responsive, and understanding. She patiently and competently led us through the Short Sale process - a long and uncertain purchase experience by its very nature. Since then Lauren also was an incredible agent for my sister-in-law and her husband when they moved to town. I would recommend Lauren to anyone buying or selling a home without hesitation!

Lauren was wonderful. She was very considerate. She let me know what was happening. She had a lot of patience with me. She explained everything well. She was on top of everything. Very personable. She went above and beyond what she had to do. She dressed the part. She was very professional. – Janet K, 2014

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