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Allow us to be your school’s new favorite fundraiser!

If you’re a teacher who needs real estate services, call the Live Dream Colorado team to assist you and your school at the same time!

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Lauren Collier Best Colorado Springs Realtor

Lauren D Collier

Julie Platt, 2nd grade teacher at Falcon Elementary School, accepts check from Live Dream Colorado. Funds are being used to purchase some of Mrs. Kirin Kinder’s favorite children’s books for the school’s library in honor of all that Mrs. Kinder did for the students and school.

Principal Jenny Breeding accepts donation from Live Dream Colorado toward the Next Generation Learning Program, including re-vamping the library, at School District 11’s Midland Elementary School on the Westside.

Director Leisa Jolstad of the Life Skills Program at Cheyenne Mountain High School accepts donation from Live Dream Colorado

Members of the Board of the Foundation for School District 11 accept donation from Live Dream Colorado at a board meeting.

Midland Elementary School Colorado Springs

Springs Community Night School Donation

Rob Hoben Colorado Springs Realtor

Rob Hoben

They stay after work to help you, encourage you, or just listen to you when you need to be heard. They care more about others’ happiness than their own. This is what teachers do. It’s what Mr. Freeze did every day.

The first day stepping foot into Mr. Freeze’s classroom, we felt surrounded in positive, fun energy. No desks for us. Mr. Freeze’s room had big comfortable couches. No maps and diagrams on the walls. Freeze’s walls were covered with inspirational movie quotes everywhere. No pop quiz to start the class. Freeze kicked off each day with a joke. Then at the beginning of class each day he would ask a different student how their day was going in front of the class – and then give that student a compliment in front of everyone.

This is why I remember his class – it was a unique, loving, energetic, fun, and comfortable place to be my entire senior year of high school. Mr. Freeze taught people how to treat others and how to stay positive. Being in his class is when I decided that I too wanted to strive to be positive, big-hearted, and friendly, with an upbeat outlook on life every day like him.

After looking up to a teacher like Mr. Freeze who has by now inspired thousands of students, I wanted to find a creative way to give back to teachers for everything they’ve given us.

Teachers give daily their knowledge, attention, advice, and care to kids and parents everywhere. I had the opportunity of learning from so many great teachers and build relationships with them over the years. This is why my partner Lauren and I have chosen to start the Colorado Springs Teacher Program.

Every time a teacher buys or sells property with Lauren and myself, we donate to your school when the sale closes! It’s our small way of saying “Thank You” for all you do!

We appreciate your hard work, day after day, and we know that without our teachers and schools, our community wouldn’t be the amazing place that it is.

–Rob Hoben, Master Certified Negotiation Expert, Buyer Specialist, Licensed Colorado Real Estate Broker with Live Dream Colorado

Principal Shalah Sims accepts donation to West Middle School from Live Dream Colorado in front of the school.

Coaches Robert Gilliam and Jaclyn Roberson accept donation from Live Dream Colorado to Palmer High School Cross Country Team in the presence of the Team.


Susan Nosal, Principal of the Cottage School Program at The Classical Academy, receives a donation on behalf of Angie and Greg Balman


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