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Midland Elementary School – Teacher Program

Midland Elementary School – Teacher Program


Midland Elementary School is the latest beneficiary of Colorado Springs Teacher Program

Colorado Springs Teacher Program raises funds for local schools. Each time a local teacher works with Live Dream Colorado to buy or sell property, the REALTORS® donate to the teacher’s school. Schools may apply their donation toward any of their needs whether supplies, art and music programs, extracurricular activities, or special programming. Midland Elementary School is the most recent recipient of the program.

It is the mission of Lauren Collier, through the Colorado Springs Teacher Program, to donate $10,000 toward local area schools. Teachers work long hours and make great sacrifices. We want to make their jobs a little easier by giving back!

We congratulate Midland Elementary School on their recent award and sincerely thank them for all the work they do for students in our community! Midland is an International Baccalaureate School in School District 11, serving students in grades first through fifth. They have a unique program, fantastic staff, and awesome students. We are honored by the opportunity to serve them!

Teachers of all grade levels and subjects are welcome to participate in raising funds for their school, and all schools in Colorado Springs are eligible to participate. Learn more about our Colorado Springs Teacher Program at

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