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Homes for sale in Bonnyville & Patty Jewett

Patty Jewett and Bonnyville are neighborhoods in Colorado Springs. Located on the edge of downtown Colorado Springs, CO, Patty Jewett and Bonnyville are full of history, and characterized by smaller houses, mature trees, and more ranch houses than the downtown core. The name Patty Jewett refers to the Patty Jewett Golf Course, which is a golf course owned by the City of Colorado Springs. The Patty Jewett Golf Course is the third oldest golf course west of the Mississippi, built in 1898. Bonnyville is built around Bonforte Park and is adjacent to the Bon shopping center, the city’s first strip mall and an ode to modernism, built in 1953 on North Wahsatch Avenue. Both neighborhoods are popular among people of all ages. Buying a home in Patty Jewett or Bonnyville means you’ll get walkability, bike-friendly flat streets and nearby amenities such as Good Neighbors Meeting House and Shooks Run Trail. Taylor Elementary, Steele Elementary, Jackson Elementary, North Middle School, Mann Middle School, and Palmer High School serve this neighborhood. Homes for sale in Patty Jewett and Bonnyville range from $100,000 to $700,000.

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