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Secrets of Negotiation

Mastering Negotiations in Real Estate is both an art and a science.

Understanding the science of negotiation is just the start. How to create an effective negotiation plan. How to manipulate the persuasion cycle to the client’s advantage. How to claim value for the client.

The science of negotiation is essential. But to identify and manage the emotions in the transaction is the art. Manipulating the pace of negotiations to our advantage. Communicating in such a way to get the job done. Handling irrational negotiators on the other side.

Negotiation is communication. Highly specialized, strategized communication. It’s knowing where you want to go, identifying the most effective path there, and executing the game plan without letting emotions or the other side’s bluff get in the way.

It’s poker. It’s having no tells and catching the other side on theirs. It’s a challenge and it’s a very serious business. And it’s my business.

I can’t give away any more secrets here, but my clients will get to know more…

Lauren is a Master Certified Negotiation Expert. What does that mean? Read more here: MCNE Negotiation Expert

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