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Colorado Springs’ Economic Growth is Strong!

We are seeing many indicators of economic growth right now in Colorado Springs. I am proud to represent this fine city, and I know we will continue to grow and prosper together! -Lauren D Collier

I want to share with you these Colorado Springs economic updates announced by Joe Rasso, CEO, Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce and EDC, June 11, 2012:

1. Stellar Restaurant Solutions announced that they will add 300 new positions at their call center at Mr. Biggs.

2. Kinder Morgan reaffirmed their commitment to maintain their El Paso Gas regional office in Downtown Colorado Springs, preserving 400 plus jobs.

3. Bondurant Driving Performance School of Chandler, Arizona announced their commitment of opening their second school at the Pikes Peak International Raceway in Fountain.  Bondurant is the national leader in training high performance drivers.

4. Frontier Airlines announced additional nonstop flights from Colorado Springs to San Diego and Orlando starting in the Fall.

5. Outreach Inc. of Vista, California announced their purchase of the former Federal Express office building and data center in the Colorado Springs Tech Center, allowing them to move forward on their corporate relocation.

6. The Bal Seal groundbreaking for their new 160,000 medical device manufacturing plant is scheduled for June 14.

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