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Discovery Canyon – Teacher Program

Discovery Canyon – Teacher Program


Another Teacher’s School Benefits from Colorado Springs Teacher Program

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – JUNE 19, 2017: Another Teacher’s School Benefits From The Colorado Springs Teacher Program

They show up early, they stay late, they continue grading assignments at home, they decorate their own rooms (a lot of times with their own money). A teacher’s life is all about the kids, not themselves. It’s about creating a nurturing and open environment, which breeds learning and acceptance. It’s hard, but as the saying goes, “If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it.”

Walking into Discovery Canyon Campus, the school’s passion and drive for teaching and learning are evident over every inch of the school’s walls. Projects, murals, and other innovative teaching tools are everywhere.

Parents entrust their kids to teachers like Charlie Mathews every day of the year. To take care of them, comfort them, listen to them, teach them, and make sure they finish the school year with more skills than they began.

This is why Lauren D Collier started the Colorado Springs Teacher Program. When a teacher in Colorado Springs chooses to work with Live Dream Colorado to buy or sell a home, they donate $250 to the teacher’s school.

Mathews recently worked with Live Dream Colorado in purchasing a new home, putting the Teacher Program immediately to work. On June 16, 2016, Collier delivered a check in the amount of $250 to the Discovery Canyon Middle School Band in the presence of Mario Romero, Principal. Collier has been quoted many times saying, “We would like nothing more than to do the same for every teacher at every school in Colorado Springs.”

This was just a small way they can give back and simply say Thank You to all of the teachers that do so much for students and communities.

Teachers of all grade levels and subjects, and all schools in Colorado Springs are eligible to participate in raising funds for their schools in the Colorado Springs Teacher Program.

Learn more about our Colorado Springs Teacher Program at

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