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Midland International Elementary School NextGen Learning Benefits From Teacher Program

Midland International Elementary School NextGen Learning Benefits from Teacher Program

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – June 8, 2018:  Midland International Elementary School NextGen Learning Benefits from Teacher Program.

Lauren D Collier of real estate firm Live Dream Colorado operates the Colorado Springs Teacher Program to support the important work of teachers in Colorado Springs. When any teacher or administrator at any school in Colorado Springs chooses to work with Live Dream Colorado to buy or sell a home, the social impact real estate company donates $250 to the teacher’s school.

Recently, Vice President of Colorado Springs School District 11 Board of Education Shawn Gullixson and his wife Mattie Gullixson worked with Live Dream Colorado to sell and purchase homes this year, putting the Teacher Program to work. The Gullixsons selected Midland International Elementary School for their donations, to assist the school in rolling out the Next Generation Learning Program this upcoming school year. On June 8, 2018, Collier 1delivered a check in the amount of $500 on behalf of Live Dream Colorado in the names of Shawn and Mattie to Principal Jenny Breeding.

The Next Generation Learning initiative in District 11 is designed to “foster more creative and adaptable learners through the educational system.” It addresses academic, professional, entrepreneurial, personal, and civic competencies. The program prepares every learner for a world yet to be imagined by providing opportunities to collaborate, solve relevant problems, create, and apply skills in an authentic manner. The overhaul includes re-vamping the library, a project that the funds will directly support.

This brings the total amount that Live Dream Colorado teacher clients have earned for local schools to $1250 so far in 2018.

Teachers of all grade levels and subjects are welcome to participate in raising funds for their school, and all schools in Colorado Springs are eligible to participate in the Colorado Springs Teacher Program.

Collier sends a big Thank You to all of the teachers that do so much for all of our kids and communities!

Principal Jenny Breeding accepts donation from Live Dream Colorado toward the Next Generation Learning Program, including re-vamping the library, at School District 11’s Midland Elementary School on the Westside.

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