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Giving To Colorado Springs Schools

Giving to Colorado Springs Schools

We love giving back.

We’re so thrilled that we recently got to give a donation to Springs Community Night School. This is a unique high school program that allows students to earn a high school diploma during non-traditional school hours; this school is in session afternoons and evenings four nights a week. The teachers at Springs Community Night School are so passionate about their work! And it was such a pleasure to get the opportunity to meet their hard-working Principal Mrs. Tanya Nash who leads such an innovative program here! This is a great place for students to succeed who need to work during the days or who may not have been having success in the regular classroom. You can read more about Springs Community Night School here.

This is all possible through our Colorado Springs Teacher Program

We sincerely hope to continue giving more donations to excellent schools and school programs throughout Colorado Springs. If you’re a teacher, or if you love a teacher, make sure to read more about our exclusive Colorado Springs Teacher Program at

Contact us any time to learn more or to help your school be a donation recipient.

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