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Colorado Springs Zip Code (How To Identify The Best Place To Live In)

Colorado Springs Zip Code (How to Identify the Best Place to Live in)

Knowing the best Colorado Springs ZIP Code to live is easy if you have the right information.

According to the US Postal Service, there are a total of 52 Colorado Springs ZIP Codes. Each of these codes represents a number of different residential and P.O. Box addresses.

For you to arrive at the correct map for the area you want to stay in, you need the correct Colorado Springs ZIP Code.

With the correct one, you’ll be able to view the corresponding map and necessary info. And this is what makes it easy to move from your original location to your target area.

What Information Is Available With Colorado Springs ZIP Code?

For each Colorado Springs ZIP Code, you’ll find information such as income, housing, growth rates, households, and most importantly, the demography data.

Out of all the 52 ZIP codes, there are 31 specific codes that come with demographic data. This is obviously the largest segment in all the ZIP codes in the area.

All of these combine to make 416,427 number of residents with 212,483 being female and the remaining 203,944 being males.

Another 13 of these ZIP Codes come with the standard P.O. Box with only one ZIP code, 80914, housing a population of 386.

The remaining 8 ZIP codes have no demographic data and are therefore referred to as “unique single entity ZIP codes“.

Complete List of Colorado Springs ZIP Code

Colorado Springs: The Standard ZIP Codes

  • 80951, 80939, 80938, 80930, 80929, 80928, 80927, 80926, 80925, 80924, 80923, 80922, 80921, 80920, 80919, 80918, 80917, 80916, 80915, 80913, 80912, 80911, 80910, 80909, 80908, 80907, 80906, 80905, 80904, 80903, 80902

Colorado Springs: PO Box ZIP Codes (Without Demographic Data): 

  • 80970, 80962, 80960, 80949, 80937, 80936, 80935, 80934, 80933, 80932, 89032, 80931, 80914, 80901

Colorado Springs: Single Entity ZIP Codes (Without Demographic Data): 

  • 80997, 80995, 80977, 80950, 80947, 80946, 80942, 80941

How Do You Make Use of A Colorado Springs ZIP Code

Each Colorado Springs ZIP Code provide a goldmine of information that can be useful if you are moving to the city. For example, you may want to know the population in the specific area you plan to stay in. This helps you plan ahead and know your options before even setting out on the journey.

Another advantage is that you are able to verify Colorado Springs addresses for business purposes. Long gone are those days when to go through an entire map and not get vital information on a specific region.

Note that you’ll still need to read a map since you can’t possibly navigate the region without one.

The data on each Colorado ZIP Code allows you to understand the cultural aspects as well as the physical landscape of the region. It also exposes you to the history of the people so you can blend in naturally when you arrive.

Some of this information can be found on the US Census Bureau website. However, if you need specific information about each neighborhood, you may not have access to it over there.

If you want to explore property listings by zip code, click here.

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