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Downtown Olympic Museum COMING SOON!

Downtown Olympic Museum COMING SOON!

U.S Olympic Museum coming to Colorado Springs

Construction begins 2017

We just found out that the groundbreaking for the U.S. Olympic Museum is scheduled for June 9, 2017, and we couldn’t be more excited!!

What an amazing asset this will be for our community, and for the southwest part of downtown. The museum and the business it will bring are potentially transformative for our city. This is a huge endeavor many many years in the making. Knowing that the groundbreaking is coming up soon now makes the excitement so much more real!

Here’s a short clip on the great news of the upcoming US Olympic Museum Groundbreaking on June 9, 2017:

The video clip is fromĀ of Colorado Springs’ story called “Groundbreaking for Olympic Museum scheduled for June 9”.

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