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For The Seventh Year Real Estate Brokerage Live Dream Colorado Fulfills Annual 1% For The Planet Pledge, Donating To Support The Environment

For the seventh year real estate brokerage Live Dream Colorado fulfills annual 1% for the Planet pledge, donating to support the environment

Time spent in nature has always been my favorite kind of time. As a kid I played in lakes and ponds in Kentucky. I ran around on farms and climbed trees. Whether digging in the dirt or picking up rocks, I was always having fun if I was outside.

Over the years my awareness grew about how our modern ways of life often damage, rather than protect, the environment. Wanting to make sustainable choices, in high school and college I explored career paths in ecology. Upon deciding to pursue my passion in real estate, I remained committed to my mission of being proactive for the environment through my career.

Enter 1% for the Planet, the international organization bringing together business owners from around the globe to collaborate toward the common mission of environmental philanthropy. As a proud member organization, we want to protect nature and amplify the impact of nonprofits who work so hard toward that goal. 1% for the Planet vets our nonprofit partners so we can ensure the donations are put to good use.

When you work with Live Dream Colorado, you help support environmental stewardship. We donate a portion of sales each and every year to Trails and Open Space Coalition (TOSC) because we believe in their mission to protect trails, parks, and open spaces, for today and for future generations. One of the most wonderful aspects of Colorado Springs is our unique abundance of natural parks, trails, and open spaces. I personally love the quick access to a variety of natural places throughout town and nearby, and I know that’s a big reason many people settle here and love living here.

With that, I’m so happy to report that for the seventh year, I was again able to represent my real estate brokerage Live Dream Colorado in fulfilling our annual 1% for the Planet pledge to donate a portion of revenue to support the environment! Trails and Open Space Coalition, represented by Executive Director Susan Davies accepted the donation on February 22nd, 2021.

Davies says “The pandemic made our shared outdoor spaces even more invaluable. Parks, trails and open spaces proved to be the safest places for us to recreate and recharge. TOSC immediately reached out to local leaders encouraging them to keep trailheads and parks open, which they did. Then TOSC created a tool – “Get out Spread Out” – for users. The short videos gave our community safe, active options in all corners of our region. TOSC did what so many of us were forced to do this past year – get creative and remain resilient for the good of our community.”

If you, like so many of us, were thankful to be able to enjoy the parks, trails, and open spaces throughout 2020 and the pandemic, please consider showing your support for TOSC’s work by giving back as you’re able at On the website, you (and your dog!) can even join to become members, receiving cool benefits like give-aways, exclusive guided hikes and fun group bike rides!

As a 1% for the Planet member, we hope to inspire you to support environmental organizations through annual membership and everyday actions. Solutions to environmental challenges need our support more than ever, yet only 3% of global philanthropic giving goes to the environment! Whether in your personal capacity, or as a representative of a business you own or work for, I recommend you check out 1% for the Planet for yourself ( Together, a small contribution from many participants goes a long way!

Live Dream Colorado is a Colorado Springs real estate brokerage firm dedicated to providing expert-level skills, zealous advocacy for clients, community philanthropy, uncompromising ethics, and first class service. As a dedicated Realtor®, I believe that property ownership is a meaningful personal experience for every person, bringing freedom, responsibility, stability, and comfort. Please join with us on this journey through home ownership, environmental stewardship, and community pride here in Colorado Springs!

– Lauren D Collier

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