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Live Dream Colorado Donates To Trails And Open Space Coalition For The 5th Year

Live Dream Colorado Donates to Trails and Open Space Coalition for the 5th Year

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – May 3, 2019: 

Let’s celebrate 5 years of partnership between Live Dream Colorado and Trails and Open Space! TOSC works to protect and preserve our precious natural environment in and around Colorado Springs. Trails and Open Space Coalition, represented by Executive Director Susan Davies and Outreach Director Eileen Healy, accepted the donation on April nineteenth.

In one year alone, just look how much good all donations of time and money have done through the work of TOSC:

Review Annual Report at

Trails and Open Space Coalition has been hard at work toward a mission to make new connections between trails so that we can all easily reach more destinations by foot, bike, and other non-motorized transport, all while enjoying nature. Their work makes it safer and more fun for all of us to be out on the trails. We think the trails are one of the greatest facets of Colorado Springs, so we love contributing to this work.

Last year, as every year, Trails and Open Space Coalition also led bike rides, hikes, crew training, and park improvement work days that keep our parks in great condition and provide fun for the whole family. Acres were even added to Corral Bluffs Open Space and Blodgett Peak Open Space. We want to thank TOSC for their hard work this past year and every year.

As a member of international nonprofit organization 1% for the Planet, Live Dream Colorado pledges to donate 1% of annual income to support the environment. 1% for the Planet was started in 2002 by the founder of outdoor gear company Patagonia to inspire businesses to contribute to environmental causes. Live Dream Colorado has been a 1% for the Planet member since 2017 and has been honoring their commitment to donate a portion of annual proceeds to Trails and Open Space Coalition since 2015. 1% for the Planet verifies the company’s gross income and donation amount in order to certify their pledge. Broker Owner Lauren D Collier believes it is important to have third party verification so that clients know the company is meeting its commitments. They also encourage other local businesses to step up to the plate too and make the 1% for the Planet Pledge!

Lauren says “Thank you so much to all our wonderful clients. It is only because of you, your choice to work with us, and your referrals of friends and family to us that we are able to support parks, trails, and open space in Colorado Springs in this way. We are so grateful for all of your support and trust in us, and we look forward to donating to TOSC again the same time next year!”

Trails and Open Space Coalition Donation 2019

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