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Oakwood Homes In Colorado Springs | Why People Buy Homes In Colorado Springs

Oakwood Homes in Colorado Springs | Why People Buy Homes in Colorado Springs

Oakwood Homes in Colorado Springs deserves a first look if you’re looking to buy a new house for sale.

Located in the east-central portion of Colorado, these homes offer breathtaking scenery, beautiful natural springs, and warm weather perfect for being outside.

Oakwood Homes have been spearheading most of the housing solutions in Colorado Springs.

Also, there are construction teams in the Cumberland Green development in Fountain, CO, and Banning Lewis Ranch.

With over 20 years in the homebuilding process, Oakwood Homes should be at the center of your homebuilding decision making in Colorado Springs.

They specialize in bringing affordable and architectural housing solutions for the longest time.

The roomy new collection of houses at Banning Lewis Ranch may just be the perfect fit for you.

But First, Why Should You Pick Oakwood?

There are several worthy reasons why you should choose Oakwood Homes. Below are some of the reasons why you should choose Oakwood.

Oakwood Homes owns all the lots in Banning Lewis Ranch

Buying an Oakwood home gives you incentives, and anything is negotiable. Most of the homebuilders buy their land from Oakwood, so why not you?

Oakwood Homes are high-efficiency builders

Oakwood homes efficiency is rated highly compared to other homebuilders.

We guarantee that every Oakwood home will have a lesser impact on the natural environment. Credit is also given back for high utility bills.

Great home warranty terms

Oakwood gives a one-year warranty on the house when you chose to build with us.

Moreover, it gives a two-year mechanical warranty for all the machines installed. And you get 10-year structural warranty too.

These terms are unbeatable!

Oakwood Homes build to the required standard

We build with the regional building department that has experienced professionals. They’ll be there each step of the way to make sure your home is safe.

In addition, a certificate of occupancy is issued when moving into the building.

Colorado Spring has been one of the go-to places for buyers wanting to build.

With prices going down by as much as $134,000—for median homes compared to others in Denver—it has become the ultimate buyer’s paradise.

The relatively low prices have attracted a significant number of people from the mile-high city. In fact, some are commuting from there to the DTC and other Denver worksites.

Banning Lewis Ranch

Oakwood recently opened the new Colorado collection at Banning Lewis Ranch last spring. And it is becoming the most sought-after house collection.

The 2600-acre community is one of the friendliest communities you will see with respect for art and a sense of architectural character.

The Banning Lewis Ranch community has set guidelines to help improve the standards of the homes built there.

Oakwood Homes believes in maintaining the architectural character by elevating the standards of homes built there.

From the porch size to the garage placement, Oakwood Homes’ guidelines cover that and at the same time respect your individuality and specifications.

Oakwood homes have something for everyone and will help you build your dream home.

A Good Balance Between Tradition and Urban Feeling

With a fine balance between tradition and an urban feel, the House Collections have made buyers fall in love more than once.

The coach house allows enough light while maintaining the airy feel of an Oakwood home.

The detailed window designs tend to complement the multi-functional living spaces all the while maintaining the energy efficient guarantee.

There is something about these homes that keeps winning over buyers. and

Oakwood’s Smart Space leaves you, the buyer, with so many options. Most importantly, you can customize your space in ways that best suit and satisfy your needs.

At Oakwood Homes new design centers, their teams of highly skilled interior designers will help you visualize exactly what you have in mind.

You can also view all of Oakwood communities and designs of all the floor plans, and view through their landscaping plans as well.

Living in Banning Lewis Ranch gives you an experience like no other. The main aim is to turn Banning Lewis Ranch into one of the best places (if it not the best) to live in Colorado Springs.

It is difficult to find a home where all the amenities are already put in place.

However, Oakwood Homes in Banning Lewis Ranch have everything waiting for you including:

The Ranch House

The Ranch House at Banning Lewis Ranch doubles up as the Oakwoods Homes community sales office. It is designed to provide quality space for the residents.

A 24/7 fitness center is also available for those of you who want to keep fit. The ranch house opens from 9.00 am – 8.00 pm. But residents have 24-hour access to this facility.

Parks, trails, playgrounds, and aquatic center

Sometimes it is good to be in touch with nature.

And the multiple parks in Banning Lewis Ranch offer just that.

With around five parks present in the ranch, and open space corridors every home will be at least a block or two away from a park.

The new Aquatic Center has water slides and a concession stand for hours of endless entertainment.


Living in an Oakwood Home in Banning Lewis Ranch means you’ll be living near the Banning Lewis Ranch Academy – a K-8 charter school that promises to offer high academic standards as well as performance-based education with gifted and special education programs to best fit your household.

Other schools in the Colorado Springs area include Ridgeview K-5 Elementary school, Sky View Middle School, Vista Ridge High School and Pikes Peak Community College.

It is evident that adequate learning resources are available at all stages.

Farmers Market

In addition, Banning Lewis Ranch also has its own farmers market.

Therefore, you will never have to worry about food. You’ll find a wide range of fresh food products to choose from.

Buy an Oakwood Home in Colorado Springs, Colorado

At Oakwood homes, their aim is very simple — provide accessible homes that are personable in every budget, for any buyer.

Oakwood homes set new standards for livable living. The home layouts are crafted for real life, the design inspired by how modern households operate.

This makes the homes flexible for your everyday tasks. With a low budget ranging from the $200k’s, you are likely to find your ideal home with Oakwood homes.

Or begin your search for an Oakwood home by clicking here. Contact us today and make the bold step of acquiring the house of your dreams.

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