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The biggest factor when you select a real estate agent to represent you is the answer to this question “Who do I trust?” You need and deserve someone who will look out for your best interests, provide you reliable information, be available to you in a timely fashion, and give you the information you didn’t even know you needed. Here’s how and why I became RasmeyTrusted and what that means.

I grew up listening to Dave Ramsey with my parents, so Ramsey’s advice from the Baby Steps and beyond is part of who I am. From avoiding debt to philanthropy, I live this way because it’s how I was raised. Whether you found Ramsey early in life or later, the financial principals do bring peace in your life.

I take a consultative approach, which means we help our clients understand their options and then we do what’s best for their heeds. We work WITH our clients toward their goals. The real estate process is full of legal and contractual matters and high-stakes financial decisions. I hope you also feel that this is the right approach to it! I like to front-load question and answers as much as possible so you’ll feel prepared (not stressed) throughout the process.

What does it mean that I am RamseyTrusted?

RamseyTrusted means I’m here to help you work the Baby Steps and win with money. It means I’m someone who the whole Ramsey team trust to serve you well.

The RamseyTrusted designation has replaced the prior Endorsed Local Provider, or ELP, branding.

What Does it Take to Be RamseyTrusted?

Fully Vetted by the Ramsey Solutions Team

To become a RamseyTrusted Pro is a long vetting process so that you know you can trust us. I have to earn and maintain the trust of the Ramsey team. We’re consistently vetted to make sure we’re good agents and good people—the kind you can trust to handle your homeownership decisions. We are heavily vetted to make sure we have the years and the closings of a seasoned agent—because your home sale shouldn’t be in inexperienced hands.

Providing Service You Can Count On

The RamseyTrusted shield stands for excellence. You know we’re determined to help you win.

We listen to your wants and needs.

Selling your home is a big deal which is why we won’t brush you off when it comes to getting what you need out of the sale. This is probably the biggest purchase you’ll ever make—so you need someone who cares about your situation and puts in the leg work to find the right home for you. That’s us.

We know the market.

That means we aren’t just doing real estate as a side gig. We’re invested in the community and are committed to helping you navigate the market—no matter what state it’s in. And we’ll set your expectations around it right away. But no matter its state, we’ll always prioritize getting the most for your home—and as quickly as possible

As a RamseyTrusted pro, I’m not just a real estate agent. When you are my client, I’m your partner. – Lauren D Collier

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