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Tips For Getting Your Commercial Property Ready To Sell

Tips For Getting Your Commercial Property Ready to Sell

When selling your commercial property, our goal is to make the best initial impression on prospective buyers. How do we produce this desired effect on the target audience?

We focus on the buyer’s perception of the property. That is key to selling your commercial property. What does that mean?

It means that the emotional connection to the property weighs heavily on the purchase decision, sometimes moreso than the logical aspects of that decision. It’s hard to break through to grab their interest if they don’t like the property on first impression. People who look at the property and like what they see will want to know more details.

How does this affect how we market your commercial property? You want the property to be a magnet for eyeballs. Do you want buyers to feel compelled to want to learn more about the property? You want everything – pricing, photos, video, the overall ambiance of the property – to serve this central purpose. How do you do that? Here are some tips.

1.    Deep clean the interior

Start from the inside out; the last thing you want is a mismatch between the façade of your building and the reality of what it looks like inside. Avoid a shortsighted approach that centers on superficial improvements.

Fix what needs to be fixed, clean, and de-clutter the place thoroughly. You want your property to make such an impression on buyers that they start to visualize themselves doing business from the space.

2.    Boost curb appeal

Buyers will not only be looking at the property from their own viewpoint. They also want to see it from the perspective of their customers, partners, and employees. Does the property’s exterior make people want to come in and check out the building? Will employees be happy to do their work from such a place? How will the ambiance of the property affect the buyer’s brand?

3.    Price competitively

Firstly, you want to know what similar properties in the area sold for within the last six months to one year.  What is the market condition for commercial real estate today compared to when those properties were sold? Are there features that make your property stand out from other commercial properties in the area? Are there any existing tenants in the building? Does the asking price make buyers want to pick up the phone and call you?

4.    Prepare the necessary documentation

Documents such as the title, lease, zoning regulations/restrictions, permits, and surveys are just a few things buyers will need to decide. You also want to have the financial records for the property at hand, to give buyers an idea of how well the property is performing. The documents must not only be available, but they should also be current and organized.

5.    Call Live Dream Colorado

The right partner, working side by side with you, makes all the difference when trying to sell a commercial property. As the seller, your focus is mostly on your property. As experienced real estate brokers, we help you achieve your goals in the sale.

We hire a professional photographer.

Our photographer uses lighting, colors, and angles to create a stunning view of the property. Along with professional photos, we can also do video, such as a virtual tour. These will allow buyers to walk through before their visit.

We also do the copywriting. Our copywriting is designed sell through the written word. We present the features and benefits of your property to evoke positive connection to the property in the prospective buyers. Good copywriting makes it easy for buyers to picture why thwy would want to purchase this asset.

By using advanced technologies and platforms, we connect you to their network of estate agents and buyers to help accelerate the sale and let you make even more money.

To learn more about how we can help you sell your property, contact us.

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