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UCCS-Memorial Medical Hospital Proposal

“We will grow this economy with a heath, wellness, and sports focus” – Chancellor Pam Shockley-Zalabak

These words describe the proposed Memorial health medical campus at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. I believe that a health, wellness, and sports focus applies also more broadly to Colorado Springs as a whole, so I am very excited to see so many people supporting and enlivened by the present proposal, which reflects who we are as a community.

The Memorial Hospital proposal will be on the ballot for vote this month! I attended the forum at UCCS.

“Seasoned citizens are moving to Colorado at a rate of two and a half times that of any other state” – Mayor Steve Bach

We need quality health services to serve our ever-growing population.

“How will the proposal affect the Downtown Partnership?” – Audience participant

Mayor Steve Bach predicts it will stimulate economic growth that will enhance economic vitality throughout Colorado Springs. He envisions additional medical facilities in the downtown area, as well as a privately funded trolley between the north and downtown campuses.

Other audience members addressed the potential for connection between the VA health system and the Memorial health system to streamline care ooffered to our large veteran population. Still others noted the potential for strong partnerships with the USOC in regards to sports medicine. There was discussion about all the businesses related to the medical field that will be encouraged and incentivized to headquarter here in Colorado on around the new medical campus. And nary a bad word was spoken.

University of Colorado students could soon get their medical degree right here in Colorado Springs. Patients and students alike could soon come from all the surrounding areas for treatment and training in our fine city. The health and education ramifications of this partnership are tremendous, as are the economic implications.

The potential in this partnership is fantastic! I am personally very excited, as a UCCS alum, as a Colorado Springs citizen, and as a native of Lexington, Kentucky. To explain, my hometown of Lexington, Kentucky virtually revolves around UK, a renowned teaching hospital and medical school. The positive influences of an exceptional medical school stretch throughout a town and extend far out to the surrounding regions, providing medical care, quality education, and plentiful job opportunities.

“Robust” was city attorney Chris Melcher’s word for the plan. “Synergy” was applied by Chancellor Shockley-Zalabak.

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