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What Are Your Stats?

What are your Stats?

It’s a fairly common question. This post is to answer that curiosity.

I’ll tell you emphatically that most things are more important to me than my stats: The quality of your buying and selling experience. Your profit if you are selling. Finding you a great home if you are buying. Being a positive influence in my community and supporting meaningful causes. And much more.


Many qualities of your agent will be more important than their stats. Is there a “right” number of homes to sell per year, for example? I’d posit that an agent who sells 12 or more homes per year has their pulse on the market and will understand current selling and buying trends – they are already among the top 50% of agents locally.

As a broker who is consistently year-over-year in the top 10% locally for sales volume, I sell much more than that. A portfolio of 40 sales per year is typical for me.

When it comes to agent’s stats, not everything is as it appears. Without any exception that I know of, every agent “in the top 1%” for transaction volume is counting in their tally sales that other agents worked. If you are an agent or know an agent who is in the top 1% for sales volume locally without having team members close sales in their name, tell me and I will feature their name here. Many agents count sales under their own name that were worked by their associates.

As a human, it is near impossible to professionally manage more than 40-60 total transactions per year without others to doing much of the work. So if you are looking to hire and agent who sells in excess of this many homes per year, check first who will really be working with you. In practicality, one person can only be in one place at a time, can only be on one phone call at one time. If team members or assistants will primarily be serving you, you need to know that before you hire. If having the name of a “big agent” associated with your transaction is the main goal, then that is no problem.

But if knowing you can always reach your agent and that they will always be there for you… If knowing that your agent is working your transaction not an understudy or surrogate… If knowing that the person you hire personally cares about you… Then sales stats are not the way to find that person.

I talk more in my book The Psychological Secrets That Sell Your Property for More, about how the client’s home sale or purchase process is negatively affected by hiring an agent whose main goal is perfecting their own stats. I want to get for you what you want out of your transaction. Do you want your agent rushing you to reduce your home price so they can show at their next listing appointment how fast they sell homes? Do you want an agent rushing you to pick a house to buy because their brokerage requires them to hit monthly sales quotas?

I’m sharing my stats because a lot of people ask. I don’t discriminate against clients based on price point or property condition for the sake of my stats. Understand that behind every single data point on any agent’s stats are people, real people with real stories, the process of the home sale, the journey of their home purchase. And it is those people and those stories that matter to me. Not the data output. A chart of numbers just does not sum any of that up. Everyone has their own story, their own needs, their own goals, which I am here to help you achieve.

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