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El Paso County Tax Information

Are you thinking about buying tax liens? This is where to start researching to see if the investment fits:

We’re happy to consult with you on pros and cons of buying at a tax lien sale.

Have you ever thought about buying tax liens on properties? They are put up for sale once per year. Here is some important information about the process:

If you have done the research and believe that this is a good investment for you, keep an eye on this page for the date of the next auction.

Property taxes are calculated by the assessed property value multiplied by the mill levies. Find recent levies here:

A mill is one-tenth of a cent. The mill levy is the number of mills that local governmental bodies tax based on the assessed value of your property.

A month-by-month breakdown on when property taxes are owed and when penalties are given out:

Are you having trouble reading your #propertytax statement? You can find help here:

Did you know that you can have a say in your tax rates? Attend budget hearings in the fall and be an active voter!

If you are paying your property taxes in two payments, the first is due at the end of February!

You should receive your property tax statements around the end of January. You can also view them online. If the amount is over $25, you can pay half by the end of February and the other half by June 15. If you are paying it all at once, it is due by April 30.

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