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DIY For The Special Dog In Your Life

DIY for the Special Dog in your Life

Nowadays when planning a home renovation project, more and more people are also considering how to make the need of their pets and make their fur family feel at home too. There are so many inspirational projects out there today that feature custom designs that go way beyond the doggie door.

Get Inspired

Depending on your confidence level, you can build anything from an agility course for burning energy to a ramp to help an older pup up to the couch. While we at Live Dream Colorado are confident in all matters related to real estate, doggy DIY is best left to the experts at This Old House.

Make your creature comforts multi-purpose

Spaces in your home already fitted with plumbing for waste water like a sink, a shower or a laundry room can be excellent places to retrofit for a Doggy Shower. Be sure to put hardware on the wall with an extendable shower head, and build in a shelf for soap and shampoo to keep your pup clean and smelling great. With just a little consideration and planning, you could have your Dog Cleaning Station set up in no time.

Take advantage of vertical space for storage

A Wall Mounted Pet Organizer can help you keep your walking buddy’s leashes, collars and toys stored in one place where they can be easy to find. Similarly, if your space is on the small side, This Old House has step-by-step instructions on how to build a cabinet that folds out into a Doggy Murphy Bed! What a great way to save space and still give your best friend their own special hang-out spot!

Keep your buddy’s accessibility in mind

Just like us, as members of our fur family age they may need a little extra help to do the same things they used to do easily before without extra assistance. Build a dog ramp, which can be useful for a multitude of situations from getting on to the bed or other tall furniture, to helping get in and out of a car without the risk of injury.

Learn More

For lots more inspirational ideas on how to make your indoor and outdoor spaces as feel like home for your pets, take a look at This Old House’s Pet Ideas and Inspiration page. Bringing along pets during your upcoming move? Take a look at our article on Prepping Your Pets for the Big Move. We also love our kitties equally, so make sure to check out our resources on Home Improvement for Cats.


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