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Home Improvement For Cats

Home Improvement for Cats

Parents don’t bat an eye at considering school districts and proximity to child-centric enrichment programs when they are looking for a home. But what do you do when your little one has four legs instead of two? Nowadays when planning a home renovation project, more and more people are also considering how to make their fur family feel at home too. There are so many incredible projects out there that combine creativity and function, and will surely help your feline buddy to feel like she’s right at home.

Think Big

What kind of environment does your cat need to live her best cat life? Depending on your confidence level, you can build anything from an indoor/outdoor catio to a mid-century modern cabinet to hide a litterbox in plain sight. While we at Live Dream Colorado are confident in all matters related to real estate, we really felt like kitty DIY was best left to the experts over at This Old House.

Utilize what you already have to build it better

This Old House’s how-to guide on How to Build a Catio suggests utilizing an already existing window, and building out around it to give kitty access to fresh air and a view of all the birds and squirrels while still keeping indoor cats safely inside. They also offer a Shelf and Activity Center Shopping Guide, to help cat parents design wall space that will allow kitty to confidentially maneuver vertically inside while feeling in control and staying safe.


The Multi-Functionality of Furniture

No one knows their cat, and their preferences, better than you. Which is why there are literally thousands of cat condos, cat houses, and multi-purpose beds out there. As we all know, one kitty’s palace is another kitty’s expensive source of disinterest. Tucked into a Cat Lover’s Gift Guide is an excellent and well considered guide to choosing the right cat house for your choosy fur baby. Does your cat want seclusion and stability? How about height, to tower over her subjects? This article even offers sleek solutions for blending modern styles into your decor that will please both the people and cats sharing space. Also essential, is their article on 9 Hidden Cat Litter Box Ideas. In a perfect world a litter box would be neither seen nor smelled. With this list, you can make that dream a reality.



Learn More

For lots more inspirational ideas on how to make your indoor and outdoor spaces as feel like home for your pets, take a look at This Old House’s Pet Ideas and Inspiration page. Bringing along pets during your upcoming move? Take a look at our article on Prepping Your Pets for the Big Move. Here at Live Dream Colorado also love our dogs and cats equally, so make sure to check out our resources on Home Improvement for Dogs.


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