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Downtown Colorado Springs | Why Buy A Home In Colorado Springs?

Downtown Colorado Springs | Why Buy A Home in Colorado Springs?

Downtown Colorado Springs is an exquisite destination with soul-stirring locations for all kinds of travelers.

More particularly, nature lovers and culture hounds will love living near downtown Colorado Springs.

Thousands of tourists pack their hiking gear and cameras to explore natural attractions. Explore art galleries, world-class dining, musical performances, plays, and breweries.

Nearby, check out Pikes Peak and the Garden of the Gods. Explore the local shops in Manitou Springs, and enjoy the Old West feel of Old Colorado City.

Tour the inspirational Air Force Academy while nearby. In the evenings Downtown Colorado Springs likes to let it loose. Make sure to save some energy for the electrifying nightlife here.

Downtown Colorado Springs is a great place to live.

The downtown Colorado Springs area offers a low cost of living, low unemployment rate, a variety of recreation and entertainment options.  

Enjoy all-year-round comfortable, moderate weather in downtown Colorado Springs. The area has a wide range of housing so you can find the beautiful new home you dream of.

Downtown Colorado Springs offers a vibrant lifestyle to its residents with a very fast paced yet very peaceful life. There is something here to suit everyone’s needs.

The real estate near downtown Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs real estate tends to be more affordable than in other parts of the state.

Also, its diversity of neighborhoods will surprise you.

No matter what your age, lifestyle or income, downtown Colorado Springs is the neighborhood with a mix of Victorian houses, condos, and affordable homes.

Downtown Colorado Springs is an excellent choice for buying a home in the Pikes Peak region.

Search homes for sale in Downtown Colorado Springs: Click Here.

Other great places to live in the Pikes Peak area

Manitou Springs or Old Colorado City is not far away. Manitou Springs, located just west of downtown, is the perfect mix of city chic and delightful Victorian.

Most tourists drive through it on the way to the Pikes Peak Cog Railroad. It is also home to Miramont Castle and the Cave of the Winds.

The area boasts turn of the century charm with unbeatable construction. In the mountains just south of Manitou Springs lies a beautiful community called Crystal Park.

It offers a secluded and romantic mountain setting with breathtaking views among the pine trees.

Old Colorado City is a vibrant and historic area. It is the oldest area in Colorado Springs and has some great apartments and condos.

Also, Old Colorado City has a fair amount of townhomes and single-family homes. But, the majority of the houses near the city center are built on small lots.

Great school systems near downtown Colorado Springs

The public schooling options nearby area around downtown Colorado Springs has a lot to offer.

It includes 51 public elementary, middle and high schools as well as 29 private schools. Schools generally score high on tests.

And high schools are known for their emphasis on preparing students for college. High schools near downtown Colorado Springs rank among the top in the state and nation.

Approximately 90% of all graduates attend colleges and universities around the country.

Moreover, the areas near downtown Colorado Springs are perfect for young families. Rest assured that your children are getting a top-notch education.

Higher education institutions include the University of Colorado – Colorado Springs, Colorado College, and Pikes Peak Community College. The area is also popular among commuter students as well.

Starting a business near downtown Colorado Springs

There are abundant resources for entrepreneurs those that want their own business. Downtown Colorado Springs is small enough to grow a successful business.

Also, it is large enough to ensure great networking opportunities and an ample amount of customers.

The City of Colorado Springs and the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce websites offer dozens of resources for business startups.

Moreover, Downtown Colorado Springs has a very healthy environment for the growth of any business.

Lots of jobs near downtown Colorado Springs

The economy of the is built on the military, high-tech industries, and tourism to a great extent.

Top employers include Hewlett-Packard, Boeing, General Dynamics, Intel, and Verizon. In addition, a third of jobs in town are related to the five military bases and defense corporations in the area.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the city’s unemployment rate is 5.1 percent. While higher than for the overall State of Colorado, it is lower than the national average unemployment rate of 5.9 percent.

Low property taxes and utilities near downtown Colorado Springs

If you are considering purchasing a home near downtown Colorado Springs, the low property taxes and utility bills could surprise you.

Property taxes here are below average compared to what you will pay in other cities. An average 3/2/2 on a quarter acre lot nets an estimated $1,900 property tax bill.

Compared to other areas that see these types of rate on a quarterly basis, you agree this is quite low. 

Property taxes on condos and townhomes are much less.

Also, most utilities are run by a single, government-owned company called Colorado Springs Utilities.

You can bundle your water, gas, electricity and wastewater into one single bill and the cost savings will be more visible.

Be a tourist in your own city

If you are an outdoor adventure type of person, you’ll love living near Downtown Colorado Springs.

It is a city with an outdoor lifestyle and with lots of activities and events always going on. Anytime is a great time for a vacation here because the area boasts a full 300 days of sunshine every year.

In the summertime, take advantage of various outdoor activities. There are plenty of hiking trails for both beginners as well as advanced hikers.

Rock climbing, bicycling, running, fishing, camping, and skiing can all be found near downtown Colorado Springs.

Also, there also many historic sights and landmarks in and near downtown Colorado Springs. Try the Pioneers Museum, Fine Art Center, Olympic Museum, Pikes Peak Center, and Money Museum

Not far from Downtown, you can hike to Pikes Peak, the highest peak of the Rocky Mountains. Or, enjoy the spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains.

The Garden of the Gods another landmark to frequently visit and not get enough of. This public park allows visitors to view the city’s breathtaking sandstones from various lookout points.

Easy to get around downtown Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is reasonably walkable.

In fact, it has numerous footpaths and one of the largest and fastest-growing networks of bike lanes in the country.

You will also easily get around with a car.

The core of downtown Colorado Springs is on a grid system. The “zero address point” of downtown Colorado Springs is at the corner of Cascade Avenue and Pikes Peak Avenue.

So it is always easy to know which direction you’re driving. When you are lost, simply look out for the mountains.

You can see them from just about anywhere, and they are always West. So, you have a natural landmark to keep you oriented.

But, if you don’t have a car, make use of the Mountain Metro Transit, the region’s public bus system.

It is prominent in the downtown Colorado Springs area and along major roads. However, the service is limited in residential neighborhoods.

With a municipal airport in the metro area, connections to Denver for other national and international destinations makes traveling convenient.

Also, you can choose to drive to Denver International Airport. It is located only a little more than an hour away from downtown Colorado Springs.

Food and Nightlife in downtown Colorado Springs

Downtown Colorado Springs has plenty of restaurants, cafes, and bars. Also, the patrons have an exceptional opportunity to dine with a view of Colorado’s beautiful Rocky Mountains.

From bakeries to steakhouses, seafood, casual pizza, Mexican restaurants, there is something to suit everybody’s tastes.

This area also has several restaurants offering vegan and vegetarian options.

This is something many cities have not touched on yet. If you’re a foodie, you’ll love the variety of dining that Downtown Colorado Springs has to offer.

Check out a short list of downtown Colorado Springs restaurants, dining, breweries, and bars: Click Here

The air is thinner in downtown Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs has a semi-arid, high-desert climate.

With a high altitude at 6,035 feet, the air is less moist and low in humidity. This offers many positive effects.

For instance, there are fewer bugs and keeps your cereals crunchy for longer.

If you are an aspiring athlete, Colorado Springs is an excellent place to do all your training. The city offers impressive natural training grounds, which attracts many professional athletes and coaches.

Athletes have been known to enjoy training with the beautiful Rocky Mountains in the background.

Retiring near downtown Colorado Springs

The are has been ranked among the top ten best places to retire, and it’s no wonder.

With a warm climate, top-notch golf courses, and low taxes, this is a fantastic place to enjoy your retirement.

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